Bringing you out

Jillian and Lexi are from tow different classes of nerds, one of them is popular and cool the other a wall flower never seeing the light but that all changes when they meet Emma. Emma has just moved from the safari into a large school and she always seems to pick the oddest of people to hang around with... So can Jillian and Lexi put their heads together to pull of one of Emma's greatest schemes even with Bethany and her gang of wannabes in their way?


5. First Lesson

I arrived at school with Jason. I wonder what Bethany and her girls would say, but it was nice to be with someone who didn't expect anything from you and he was always lost in his own thoughts which I can relate to because I'm doing it right now and here come Bethany. Oh God! Oh God! Breath...

"Hey, where did you go?" She looked at me with her perfect hair and her perfect teeth and her perfect skin. She was so perfect. "I was talking to Jason..." He smile faded. For a moment I thought she was about to cry but she held it. "You can't." I can't what? I didn't understand that. I answered back "I can't what?" She had that innocent look about her again. "You can't talk to Jason because me and him are kinda involved." I didn't really see why I couldn't talk to him but I agreed. Now for our first class, Maths. 

We were allowed to sit where we wanted in Maths so I sat in the far corner away from as many people as possible. Then a tall red head came in and sat down next to me, she was pretty her skin was light but still darer than mine, her eyes a wild hazel color and her hair a flame red she opened up her bag to reveal loads of text books and not to be mean but nerdy kind of things. She was quiet. I looked around the rest of my class in front of me was Jason with his chocolate brown hair messed around his head, next to him was a short mouse brown haired girl, she was less pretty but still prettier than me and he skin was a lot more tanned. She turned round and I noticed that she had a scar down one of her cheeks... Strange. She held out her hand "I'm Lexi Brown, your Emma Clifton aren't you?" I shook her hand. "Ye, that's me."She smiled at me then turned back round. The flame haired girl next to me whispered "I'm Jillian." I smiled at Jillian but she didn't seem to notice. "Emma Clifton." And that was that our siting plan was fairly simple. On the opposite side to me was the jocks and in front of them was the popular girls then the goths and on the other side it was me and Jillian and two other nerdy looking boys, then James and the wallflowers, then the two fat boys me and Jason had rescued from the bins. 

Maths was fairly easy I put my hand up to most of the questions of which I all knew the answers to, frankly the only people who didn't seem to know the answers we the jocks and Bethany. For most of the lesson I was drawing, I finished my work long before any  of the others did. I drew a rose surrounded by daises in a meadow and then a large dog looking at them from above. It was all black and white because I only had a pencil. Jillian finished not long after me and watched me draw, "Your really good you know." I felt like she was being nice because she had to be but I replied "Thanks," to keep her satisfied. Part way through the lesson the teacher had to leave and once that door was closed a chorus of noise erupted. Jason turns round to me but just then the teacher comes back in. A gather my coat and head to my next lesson... Music. 

Along the way I see that mouse brown haired girl scurrying along the corridor, I think her name was Lexi... Then I saw Jillian she was being given a large pile of books  by Bethany and her girls. Strange but then Jason caught up with me. "I loved your drawing what did you do with it?" I kinda felt bad because I didn't think it was very good so I put it in the bin. "I put it in the bin." His smile widened revealing his perfect pearl white teeth "Oh really?" he said pulling out my drawing from his pocket. I laughed. He laughed. And we carried on towards Music.

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