Bringing you out

Jillian and Lexi are from tow different classes of nerds, one of them is popular and cool the other a wall flower never seeing the light but that all changes when they meet Emma. Emma has just moved from the safari into a large school and she always seems to pick the oddest of people to hang around with... So can Jillian and Lexi put their heads together to pull of one of Emma's greatest schemes even with Bethany and her gang of wannabes in their way?


7. Days End

I arrived home... no one was in... I guess they were still working and my brother was still at school. I walked upstairs I had got two days to do two pieces of homework one of them was to create a collage on what music makes you feel and the other was to make up a song on an instrument of your choice, miss said we could work in groups of five or less but I liked working on my own it was easier. 

I quickly wrote down my desert song then played it once through... it wasn't exactly cheating i did make up the song but years ago... I'm sure my class has never even heard of it. Then I printed some desert, Sahara, African kind of pictures and stuck them all over a small piece of light yellow card. Done. 

I heard mum come in with my step dad and my brother. My brother went to his room, probably to do his homework I heard my mum and step dad come up my stairs. Oh dear. They came in and just put a small letter on my desk. Then they left. Well, that was really weird. I got up and looked at the letter it was from Africa. From my dad. I opened it, it was in his handwriting it was saying all the animals he had seen and what it was like back home. He had also sent some picture, I stuck them on my wall collage and the letter I put in my smaller chest under my bed along with all the other letters I had got from him. 

We had curry for tea it was really nice after I went up stairs and went on my write want account it is wear you can write loads of stories and people comment and stuff like that, I never used my real name my fake name when doing anything was always Lizzie Banks. Then I went on my Facebook account I had had several messages fro,m Bethany and lots of friend requests from people at school I accepted them all and read Bethany's message, it basically said keep away from Jason and keep with me. Nice. Real Polite. 

 I got changed and lay in bed dreaming of Africa and the Sahara I missed so much... And getting myself ready for another identical day...

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