One Mistake (Niall Horan)

Skylar was an innocent girl. So was he. An innocent boy. They thought this could never.

But it did.

It was unexpected. He was the new boy. Who fell in love with her. He picked her out of all the other girls. He made a mistake.

A big one.

And their lives are turned upside down. Both of theirs. Just like that. Blink of an eye.

Can they get through this together, or will it always be that One Mistake that can never be fixed?


6. 6.Zayn. Zayn Malik

8 months later


Niall's POV



As I lay next to Skylar's warm body, oh how I loved watching her sleep, thoughts were rushing through my head, well, about everything that had gone on. And when I mean everything, I don't just mean the things that had happened this week, I mean everything that had happened in the past year. It had been incredible!


The night I gained a girlfriend, I gained a child too.


I was really excited! And happy. I have been waiting all my life to have my first little child, and it's finally here! In a mounths time, I will be sitting here with a little baby in my arms. Either little Rose Horan, or Harry Horan. 

We had been going to those pregnancy health clinics for the past three months, which I think it has really helped Sky. She's been great! But we always got strange looks off the other new parents, who were nearly 20 years older than us. I guess you can say we were the youngest parents there. But that didn't really bother me. I couldn't fucking careless what they thoughts. As long as it was helping Sky, then I was cool.


The night started to drool in, and I didn't realize what they time was until I got a message on my phone.

Half past two!

I didn't care who the message was off, I'd reply back tomorrow. I was too tired to do it now.

I rolled over, got comfortable, and closed me eyes, glad that I had finally got some rest from all my overthinking. And then suddenly, I heard some screaming, but it was too late to see who it was, because something, or someone, had made me black out, and a feeling that I had never felt before rushed through me, because I knew someone was getting hurt, and I know that I can't help them. So I had to wait until I had woke up from my black out. 



After black out 



                I woke up with a banging head ace, still in the same positon as last night. Last night! What happened last night? Skylar wasn't lying next to me, and it was too early for her to get up; she never gets up at this time! Maybe she wanted to get up early.


I sat up from my bed, scratching me head, wondering where she could of got to. I head a faint whimper from my recording room, and I started to panic. Who is that? Where is Sky? 

"Sky?" I shouted, while getting out of bed, and grabbing the baseball bat that I keep under the bed, just for safety, you know. I heard some faint whispering, but couldn't understand what they were saying. 

"Hello?" I shuted, quiter this time. The whipsering stopped, and I heard some heavy footsteps come towards me. I held the bat above my head ready to hit who ever it was, because those footsteps were too heavy to be Sky's. The person got closer and closer to the room, and my breathing got heavier. And then, a young man walked into the room. He had black hair, which he had put innto a quiff, and he had a blonde streek the front of it. His beard was bristled, as if it hadn't been shaved for ages. He walked closer to me, and I noticed he had blood stains on his shirt. Was the fresh blood. My eyes widened; I didn't want to think what he had done to Sky.

"Who are you? And what have you done to her?" I screamed at his face. He laughed, giving me a horrible grin. He knew exactly who I meant. A ran past him, keeping the bat in my hand, and ran into my recording room, to find Skylar, sitting in the corner of the room, naked, with blood pouring down her leg. I knew exactly what he did to her. That sick man. I ran up to her, holding her in my arms, as she cried into my shoulder. I didn't mind if she was making my clothes wet, I couldn't care less.

"Baby, are you alright?" i whispered into her ear, and she sobbed into my shoulder, She was shaking like mad, the worst I had ever seen her. 

"It' alright, I'm here now, baby. It's alright" I cooed her, rocking her in my arms, my hand on her head. How can someone do this to a pregnant woman? Especially when she's due to give birth in a couple of months! I have to sort that man out; I can't live with this! I lay her down on the floor, taking the blacket from the chair and placing that over her cold body.

"I have to do something, okay baby?" I told her, as she nodded. "Just stay here, okay?" she nodded again. 

I walkeed back into the other room, to find the man standing in the same position as he was when I left the room.

"Who are you?" I snapped, walking up to him so our faces were only inches apart. He chuckled under his breath, and said, "Zayn. Zayn Malik."

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