Kendall and her best friend Julia always go to a summer camp for popular singers but they meet some a new group of singers and they try to secretly follow them to find out who they are and why they are here... You see they don't really get along with the boys but they secretly have crushes on them and they secretly support everything they do. :)


1. Kendall

Hey my name is Kendall I'm gonna be 13 in April I have blonde hair that is partly curly at the bottom of my hair. I have blue/grey eyes and 3 brothers at home. My mum always sends me and my friend to a summer camp for singers in the shadows. She tells me that I sing wonderfully and that I need to come out and embrace my talents and put them to good use. We have always gone to this camp since the 5th grade so we know this place inside and out and I have all the workers there wrapped around my fingers. (Not to sound mean or anything but it's kinda true they are awesome)They all love us it's great so we get the good milk that's not expired or still frozen like the others trust me they are gross. And we get ice cream and fresh fruit never anything bad that makes us sick or anything. And to top things off my mum is friends with some of the nice ladies here so they are extra nice to us and make sure every one else is too it's great. I'm not exactly a sweet lover but I'll eat the cheese cake and drink the coffee and if I get candy I'll eat that and the ice cream but normally I'll give some secretly to the other kids because I don't think it's fair for them. Little fact about my self- I love the colour green.

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