Kendall and her best friend Julia always go to a summer camp for popular singers but they meet some a new group of singers and they try to secretly follow them to find out who they are and why they are here... You see they don't really get along with the boys but they secretly have crushes on them and they secretly support everything they do. :)


2. Julia

Hey I'm Julia! Kendall's B.F.F.L (best friends for life) we have known each other for ever and have been best friends ever since. I have blue eyes but they change to green if it's cold out or it changes because of my moods it's pretty cool! Anyways I love music almost as much as Kendall but I don't think anyone can love music as much as her I mean it's not possible it's like her life. More about me... I live a few streets down from Kendall and we go tho the same schools. I live in London,England. Me and Kendall are like sisters I love her so much and we talk about everything that happens in our lives. Oh and little things you should know about me :)- let's see I strongly dislike Taylor swift! umm I love pizza. I have great grades in school. Don't really have a favorite band I like All-star Weekend and a few others. My dad's side of the family is Irish so I'm a lucky Brit Guys!! I am currently single not like you need to know that I mean c-r-e-e-p-y!! I consider myself a diva and so do a lot of other people. I have braces and my favorite color is.

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