Kendall and her best friend Julia always go to a summer camp for popular singers but they meet some a new group of singers and they try to secretly follow them to find out who they are and why they are here... You see they don't really get along with the boys but they secretly have crushes on them and they secretly support everything they do. :)


6. introduce of the bands.

23: 😁

Jackson: brown straight hair that's slightly messy. He's the flirt and he has green eyes tall and skinny.

Brandon: blonde hair always perfectly quaffed blue eyes with a hint of green. Skinny and medium sized.

Kaitlin: brown curly hair with grey eyes. Tall and skinny with a skater girl look. Dating member of 24/7 Sam.


Sam: brown hair. Male lead singer. Blonde highlights. Mix of light and dark blue eyes. Wears v-necks. Wears a weaved straw bracelet for luck.

Catarina: female lead singer. Fav colour purple and all shoes are vans. And she keeps a note book with her at all times and is dating eddy.

Eddy: Lead guitarist. Dating Catarina. Has orange hair with freckles. Brow eyes. And wears leather bracelet. Sings some but only sometimes.

Ash: -girl-black short hair. Nickname is ash because of her grey highlights. She is slim and shorter but not too short. Not goth and she is more of a girly girl. Real name is Renee. Drummer.

The Jokers:😜

Kendall: blonde wavy hair. Lead vocalist. Light blue eyes with dark blue circle on the outside of it. Plays guitar. Fav colour purple. Short shorts and tee with converse is normal daily outfit. Wears rubber band bracelets and band-merch ones. Medium length and skinny.

Julia: curly dirty blonde. Eyes turn from blue to green. Braces. Own style. Converse with a floral shirt with overall made with the shorts not jeans. Is normal daily outfit. Fav colour is light blue. Tall and skinny.

Emma: more tom boy. Hates dresses. Only wears jeans and shorts. With short sleeve sports shirt. Wears vans. Short blonde hair. Fave colour turquoise blue.

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