Kendall and her best friend Julia always go to a summer camp for popular singers but they meet some a new group of singers and they try to secretly follow them to find out who they are and why they are here... You see they don't really get along with the boys but they secretly have crushes on them and they secretly support everything they do. :)


3. chapter 1

Kendall's pov:

"Bye mum!"I yell getting in line for the plane with Julia "See you after summer camp!" Julia yells to our parents. "Bye guys see you soon we love you both!" Our parents yell in unison. If you haven't noticed her mum is like my second one and my mum is like her second one too. We are really close to one another. We take one look back and see that they are already leaving. Me and Julia head to the chairs lined up so we can wait for our plane to be called. So me and Julia are sitting in our seats with our head phones in. I'm gonna have to guess Julia is listening to Ke$ha cuz she is humming die young. She is such a good singer. I don't know how ill ever get up there with her. She says she's bad and that she would rather be dancing since she has more experience but she is so talented and I...not so much. Oh and another reason I failed to mention...I'm scarred to sing in front of people I can only sing in front of my brothers Julia and my mum. Anyone else is hard for me. I feel like they will judge me and that I'm not as good as others say. Me and Julia start talking I don't know what about...I kinda zoned out cuz there is a group of guys that look our age and WOW I mean you would probably zone out to if you saw these people and they took the seats right next to us. Ok don't freak it's just like a ordinary day. Ok so anyways focusing back. We are talking about last year when we came and I look down at my phone and it says I have 2 new notification. So I unlock my phone to read it. It reads:

"Hello it's mrs Peterson one of your advisors for the summer.

We are excited to inform you that we are going to be getting

more celebrity bands to come to our camp to help all of you

prepare for the end of the Sumer music seminar just in case you

are new and don't know what that is it its a concert we put on at

the end of the summer to show your talent." Then the second

one from mrs Addison our other advisor.

"Hey are you guys ready to stay 'Up All Night' asking someone

to 'take me home' from all of our late night rock outs while we

are all making our 'midnight memories' here at the camp?! Well

we can't wait to see you guys at the camp see ya l8r.

Wait a sec..."Julia! Look I think that was our clue! It says UP



Oh my lady Gaga!" Psh yeah I just said that! No question

needed thanks!

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