What am I?

Sixteen year-old Saiorse came from Erudite and transferred into Dauntless, but will she proceed from being an initiate, or become factionless ?


3. With You

 "Hello, everybody, my name is..." I tune out of the instructor's words and focus on Tristan.

 The corners of his mouth are turned upwards slightly. His green eyes sparkle in the ever-dimming sunlight, reminding me of the emerald inside my pendant. I finger the chain around my throat.

 "Saiorse, you're up," Tristan whispers. I snap out of my daydream.

 "Uh...What?" I utter.

"To jump," is the reply, although Tristan stands next to me, not in front.

 I edge towards the side and look down. Far, far below me is a hole and as far as I can see, specks of colour which must be people dot around the edges of it. I gasp. This is where my fear of heights kicks in. I stumble backwards into Tristan. His fingers clasp my shoulders to keep me from falling.

 "I can't!" I whimper, my eyes wide with fear. I gaze up at him.

 "I couldn't either. That's why I'm not doing it. Not unless I can do it with you. Only with you." his speech is dramatic, making the remaining people stare.

 I am speechless, so I just weave my fingers into his and look him in the eye. We step up to the side.

 "One, two, three!"

 When we jump, heart skips a beat.



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