What am I?

Sixteen year-old Saiorse came from Erudite and transferred into Dauntless, but will she proceed from being an initiate, or become factionless ?


2. Jump

 I am standing on the edge of the train. If I inch forward I will plummet to my death. I squeeze my eyes shut tight, so all I see is blackness. Sucking in a huge breath, I jump. My body thuds onto the ground and goes limp. I open my eyes. Bodies lay all around me, struggling to get up. Penny sits up a few metres away from me, clutching her arm and wincing. I shift into a sitting position and my eyes widen. My feet are dangling off the edge of the building. I gasp. Slowly, I get up, rubbing my knee to check on Penny. Her lip is bleeding.

 "I think..." she whimpers. " That I have broken my arm."

 "They'll fix it when we get there. Y'know, the Dauntless," I struggle to find the right words.

 A scream echoes in the silence. Ever head turn to see a curly-haired boy dragging a girl away from the side. I hurry to look over the edge. Then I wish that I hadn't. Of what I can see, Tristan lays on the floor with his limbs sticking out at odd angles and a pool of blood surrounds him. Except that his white shirt is now scarlet. A hand touches my shoulder.

 "Saiorse? You look like you've seen a ghost!" a familiar soothing voice says. Tristan.

 "Tristan!" I fling my arms around him in relief. "Oh..um.." I remove then awkwardly.

 Although we are separate now, I still feel his warmth still lingers. And I wish it could stay there.


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