I Believe In Sherlock Holmes

Two years, between the fall and the return of the infamous Sherlock Holmes. His "friends" struggle through peril and pain, but none so more changed than Anderson.


2. The Grave

Anderson waited until he heard the shower turn on. He climbed out of bed and walked to the window. He stood looking out to the streets of London below him. Without warning Anna was behind him, her barely dry arms wrapped tightly around him. "When did you go to sleep?" She asked.

Philip turned to see her wrapped in a dull blue towel, her hair damp and curly. He couldn't help but smile down at her. "Around two" he lied and hugged her back. "Just needed time to think."

"Of corse you did hon" she smiled and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him.

He couldn't help but smile as he picked her up and held her in his arms. He felt extremely guilty as he remembered the nights he had spent with Sally. Gently he set her down. "Get dressed" he smiled and ran his hand through his hair.

Anna made her way back to the bathroom as Philip began to strip. He paced the flat in his underwear until Anna reappeared, dressed in a black pencil skirt, tan tight, and a black V-neck. She stared at her nearly naked husband. "Go on get dressed" she laughed. "Or I may just have to attack you" she winked.

Anderson smiled and sighed "I guess if I have to" he walked to the closet and grabbed black pants and a deep blue dress shirt. He reluctantly put them on and watched Anna do her hair.

The differences between Anna and Sally were too high to count. Their physical appearances for sure, but their personalities, their habits, it baffled Philip as to how he could be attracted to both. Anna was an overly dramatic optimist, her outlook on everything was grand. She trusted nearly everything and was quite easy to fool. Sally on the other hand, was a strong minded and stubborn girl. She didn't trust anyone. Anna spent hours on her looks while Sally could care less. Sally focused on her work, Anna focused on him. Both turned him on greatly, but in different ways.

He leased his thoughts on the girls as Sherlock flooded his mind. He tried his hardest to focus back on Anna or Sally, or anybody else for that matter. But his mind latched onto Sherlock and wouldn't let go. His thoughts raced, too fast from him to comprehend. His head spun and his vision went blurry, his hands shot to his head and covered his ears from the shouting going on inside. He sank to his knees letting out an unconscious scream. Anna quickly raced to his side begging him to calm down, to come back to earth. Philip screamed in agony as he recalled the news of Sherlocks death.

Anna tried her hardest to calm down her husband. She wrapped her arms around him, hushing him cries, reassuring him that he was safe, that she was with him. His fit continued on, to what him seemed like hours but was only a matter of minutes. His mind cleared and he noticed himself in Anna's arms. He held onto her tight as he attempted to steady his heartbeat and breathing. Anna gently ran her hands through his hair, fear racing through her body. She had seen her husband in sickness, pain, multiple bad situations, but this one truly scared her. As Philip forced himself to calm she secretly did the same.

"Let's go" Anderson stood up and pulled Anna with. "You look nice" he smiled, forced of course.

"Th-thank you" Anna stuttered.

Philip nearly forced himself out of the flat and into the cab. Anna raced down the stairs and joined him. The ride was silent as Anna did the finishing touches on her hair in her compact mirror.

The cab pulled in front of the cemetery. Anderson couldn't bring himself to leave the black leather seat. Anna patiently waited, gently tapping her feet to a silent beat only she could hear. Her husband turned to face her, with tears filling his eyes. "I'm ready"

"You can do this" Anna gently wiped the tears from his eyes. "I know you can" and together they left the cab and headed to the group forming around the headstone. Sally ran and wrapped her arms around Philips neck. Without hesitation he released his wife's hands to hug Sally. She refused to let go, tears streaming down her eyes. Philip remained strong, holding back his own pain to comfort the only girl besides his wife he truly cared about. Anna quickly got tired of waiting for this embrace to end and found her way through the group to Dr. John Watson. "Dr Watson?" She asked politely.

"Yes, yes?" He stuttered and turned from the headstone. "Yes I am" Anna noticed his limp as he turned.

"Are you alright?" She gestured to his leg.

"My best friend just died and you-" he paused for a moment, letting his mind catch up to his words. "My leg, you mean my leg, yes it's alright"

"Take care doctor." She mumbled and made her way back to Philip.

Philip however had isolated himself and Sally from the rest of the group, hidden behind a cluster of trees. Her arms clung tight around his neck as they passionately kissed. Philip couldn't resist her temptation. She pulled away slowly, with her body pressed close to his. "I missed this" she smiled.

"I did too" he muttered and stared off into the trees. "But this isn't the safest place, my wife, Lestrade, John, Sher-" he caught himself mid sentence.

"Sherlocks not here, he's dead, it's for the best really, he was a psychopath after all." She tried for one more kiss but Anderson didn't budge. Anderson examined her tight black dress. "You don't honestly believe-?"

"There was no open casket" his voice went dull but his eyes continued to scan her body.

"Nobody would've wanted to see him" she laughed.

"That's a lie and you know it." He sunk into sitting position against the tree. "For all we know Sherlock could be hiding behind that tree right there"

"He was clever, very clever" Sally admitted. "But not clever enough to fake his own death" she reached her hand out to help him out. He refused, pulling himself up with the tree bark and brushing the dirt off his back. "You're turning into John"

"What's the supposed to mean?" He made his way back to the group still forming around the grave.

"You're just another blind sheep following that crazy Shepard" she laughed and grabbed his hand quick. "He's dead"

He shook of her hand and was quiet for a moment. "Yes" he said at last. "Sherlock Holmes is dead." His eyes spotted Anna and he quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her to Sally. "Sally met my wife Anna, Anna meet my fellow detective Sally" he spoke a bit too excitedly.

"Pleasure" the girls said in unison. Both reach for the others hand out of kindness only. Anderson sensed the tension and directed Anna away, closer to the tombstone.

"He's dead" he muttered as he put his hand on the marble stone.

"I know hon" Anna wrapped her arms tightly around his waist.

Of course he didn't think Sherlock Holmes was dead. No, far from it. But he would lie, to make himself seem sane. He would grieve for some time then go on with his life supposedly. He remained beside the stone, holding Anna's waist, but as the crowd thinned out he returned quickly to his cab, wrapping his black coat around Anna's barely covered arms. She smiled at the affection from her husband. But in the back of her mind she began to worry. Who was that girl? Was she just a simple partner? Or was there more?

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