I Believe In Sherlock Holmes

Two years, between the fall and the return of the infamous Sherlock Holmes. His "friends" struggle through peril and pain, but none so more changed than Anderson.


3. goodbye

Anna laid in bed, with her eyes wide open. She knew her husband was doing the same. After hours of silence she turned and spoke. "Who was that girl?"

"You're still up?" Philip sighed, avoiding her question.

"Can't sleep." Anna decided as well to keep off the subject for a while.

"You're not alone." He laughed a subtle laugh. "There's pills in the drawer"

"Take your own advice"

"I took two, still can't sleep" he shook as his wife wrapped her arm around his chest. "What's on your mind?" He immediately regretted asking.

"Just you" she sugar coated what truly was on her mind. She didn't want to believe it herself wether it was true or not. If her husband was having an affair she would find out soon enough, but for now she held him on her arms and believed he was completely and utterly hers.

"What about me?" He laughed, digging his face into her sweet smelling hair.

"How proud I am of you" she said suddenly, catching him off guard.

"Proud of me?" Philip looked down at his wife in confusion.

"Of course" she smiled, her head now resting on his chest. "You've done everything you've wanted, you're a detective, my husband, you haven't drank since the accident, and now you're putting Mr. Holmes in the past"

He kissed her head. He was truly speechless. Why was Anna bringing this up? What point did she want to make? His cellphone rang causing his heart to speed up at an alarming rate. Who would be calling at this hour? Calmly and collective Anna climbed out of bed to answer it. "The Anderson residence" she spoke proudly without checking the caller I.D.

The other line was dead for a moment, before a dull female voice spoke. "Is Philip there?"

Anna took a deep breath. "One moment" she held out the phone, avoiding eye contact with her husband.

He stumbled out of bed half dressed and over to his phone. Anna handed it to him then crossed her arms. Tears filled her eyes as Philip leaned against the wall listening to the girl.

Anna walked into the hall and grabbed her own phone and a few pounds Philips wallet. She slide them in her purse than through on a coat. "I think I'll spend the night at my mothers" she mumbled then made her way to the door.

Anderson dropped his phone on the bed and raced after her. "Anna!" He shouted and followed her out into the cold London night air. "Anna!" He caught up to her and caught his breath. "Come back inside"

"Who called?" She asked as she pulled her coat tighter around her chest.

"Sally" he answered completely honest. "The girl from the funeral."

"Did you cheat on me?" Her eyes met his and both filled with tears. Philip was silent, speechless, searching his head for what to say. "If you ever loved me tell the truth."

His voice cracked but he spoke. "Yes, when you were in Cardiff, yes it was with her, yes I regret it, Anna please come back inside."

"Why?" Her voice was steady, unlike his.

"I don't know, I was, it was" he began to stutter as he sank to his knees. "It was adventure, something, something bad, Anna I was wrong. I wasn't thinking. Anna please" he grabbed onto her hand.

"Let me go!" She shook it off.

"Anna please!" He crawled closer to her. "I lost Sherlock, I can't lose you!"

"Sherlock is more important than me?" Anna was confused, trapped with anger and sadness.

"No, no hon, nobody is more important than you!" He could barely make out the words through his sobs.

"Sally must be" Anna diverted her eyes from his.

"Not now Anna, please not now, just come inside." He sank deeper to the cement pavement. "Please Anna."

Anna stared down at him, her vision blurred by tears. She loved him, she did, but she couldn't handle this. "I'll be by tomorrow to talk" she turned and made her way down the sidewalk leaving Philip kneeling shirtless on the sidewalk.

Slowly, using all his strength he pulled himself back up and walked towards his flat. On his bed the phone was still glowing he picked it up and reluctantly spoke. "Come over." He shut the phone and threw it onto the pillow.

Hesitantly he walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Buried deep in the back, hidden behind countless groceries was a bottle of Vodka. Anderson opened it and took a drink of the liquor. He brought the bottle back into the bedroom and planted himself on Anna's side of the bed. He rested his head on her pillow and he drank more. He lay for a while, staring at the ceiling, occasionally taking large drinks of the bottle he kept in his hand. Slowly but surely he was becoming drunk, something he had vowed never to do again. But without Anna he lost the point of vows.

Once he had lost his better judgment he stumbled to the drawer and pulled out his bottle of off-brand sleep aid. He dumped a handful into his hand and washed them down with another drink. He jumped back on his bed with a smile on his face.

Keys jingled as they worked on the lock. The door creaked open as Donavan entered his flat. "Anderson?" She muttered as she slowly made her way to his bedroom, a place she was quite familiar with. She was shocked to find Anderson filthy drunk. He smiled at her but didn't say a word. Heated the bed and mumbled something neither of them could understand.

Sally slipped off her shoes and climbed onto the bed. She kneeled down close to Philip. "You disgusting drunk" she muttered and all he did was smile. She laid on her back and waited for him to say something. After minutes of waiting she attempted to speak again. "What's on your mind?"

"Rubbish" he laughed. "A bunch of rubbish."

"I think I'll go" she at up but was quickly grabbed by him.

"Don't go" she turned to see his eyes filled with tears. "Please"

With discontent she laid beside him and let herself drift off to sleep, and due to the high amount of alcohol he had consumed, and with the help of the sleep aid, he dosed off quickly as well. Their hands intertwined as they slept.

Philip awoke with a pounding headache. The bottle he had been drinking lay on the floor beside his bed. He rolled out, caught in his sheet for a moment. Once free he searched for Sally. Upon entering the kitchen his heart sank into his stomach. Both Sally and Anna leaned against opposite counters, drinking coffee and talking. Philip tried to make his way back into the bedroom but Anna caught his gaze.

"She's a nice girl I'll give her that." Anna muttered as she walked toward Philip. His head spun making her words sound like bitter screams.

"Anna?" He reached his arm out to her. Acting more drunk than hung over. "Anna baby"

"Oh stop it," she crossed her arms. "We are done Philip, I can't take this" she turned to Sally. "Thank you for your help"

"No problem" Sally nodded.

"Goodbye Philip" Anna hugged him.

Philip grabbed onto her. Not wanting to let her go. Anna stood for a moment, letting him hold her. He let go and sank to his knees. "Anna" he begged as she made her way to the door. "Anna please!" He tired to stand up but was held down by Sally. "Sally let me go! Anna!" He screamed as the door slammed shut. Tears filled his eyes and he sobbed uncontrollably. Sally let go of him and walked to the door. "Not you too?" He begged but she didn't listen. He was left alone on the kitchen floor, drowning in his sorrow.

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