Stuck in the middle

Kleo has always been different. She was on the cheer team but she preferred books to boys, being alone instead of parties. Despite the fact that she wasn't really in the popular crowd they all still accepted her and loved her as a sister. What happens when she meets Harry Styles at a party? Why was he there? What happens when they start to fall for each other? But what happens when another one direction boy falls for her?


1. Unexpected

"Kleo!" I hear Angel calling my name. I ignore, her absorbed in the book I'm reading. "KLEO GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW!" I hear her yelling at me again and I sigh and bookmark my book before heading downstairs. 

"What?" I ask when I get to the bottom of the stairs. My sister Angel never called unless it was important. She usually ignored me, saying she didn't want her friends (who were always over by the way, it's like don't you live somewhere?! Ugh!), to see me because I never 'dressed pretty enough' in her view. Angel turned to me, dressed up like a slut. She never used to be like this but then she met Kaleb, the school quarterback (ugh he's a total douchebag) and now she acts and dresses like a total slut. She rolls her eyes at my sweatpants and baggy sweater, and I smirk at her and her friends.

"I'm going out, if Naomi or dad ask, I'm just out with friends ok?" she says jutting her hip out and smirking. I roll my eyes at how she and her friends are dressed, skirts or dresses that barely cover their asses and the amount of cleavage they showed was disgusting.

"Ya whatever they're not even home until next week but whatever." I reply and wave my hand at them and head back up the stairs to my book. 

"She's the Kleo from the cheer squad?!" I hear one of Angel's slutty friends "whispering" behind me as I go back to my room.

"Ya, I don't know how she even got on, she was so chubby when she tried out! I mean after 2 years of flips and jumping around she's lost weight but still!" I hear Angel say to her friends and they all snigger in reply. I stop and take a deep breather. Just keep walking Kleo, just get back to your room and you can go back to hogwarts, just get back to your room... I realize that I was clenching my fists and I slowly unclench them. As the door slams behind me I look down to see the white marks on my skin. I walk back to my room and pick up my book and start where I left off. I keep trying to get into it but I can't, I can't stop thinking about what Angel said. Does she always talk like that about me behind my back? I close my eyes as I feel the burning in my eyes as tears start to collect there. Calming down I pick my book back up and curl up on my bed, and start to get lost in it again.


"RING RING RING RIN-" I put my book down and answer my cell. 

"Hello?" I ask.

"Oh good you're up!!" I hear Alison's chirpy voice on the other end of the phone.

"It's only 10 o'clock Al why wouldn't I be up?" I ask standing up from my bed and stretching. I look in the mirror and my face, pale and tired looking, looks back.

:"I don't know! Anyways Jacob is having a party, "I start to speak but she cuts me off. "and I know you don't like parties but c'mon pleaseee Pete is going to be there and I need a wing woman!" she says, pleading with me. Alison and I had been friends since I could remember, in fact she was the one who convinced me to try out for the cheerleading team with her. I sigh, knowing I have nothing better to do.

"Fine, on one condition. "I wait for a protest but hear only silence. "I can hide in a corner if I want, after I help you." I say and she sighs.

"Alright but look nice! Wear a dress or nice skirt or something!" she says and I laugh. Me in a skirt or dress? The only skirt I wore was for my cheerleader outfit. 

"Alright see you soon."

"I'll pick you up in 30 minutes see you soon!" she said I ended the call on my side.

I toss my cell on my bed and head to my closet to see what I have to wear. I was in no way wearing a skirt or a dress, at these parties guys tend to just stick their hands right up, which is disgusting. I pick out a pair of  black highwaisted pants, a crop top with the words "warning: you are approaching a professional fangirl" and my doc martens. After I change I head into the bathroom and decide to leave my hair down and wavy. I dig through Angel's makeup (seeing as I have next to none) and apply some winged eyeliner and mascara. I use some of my nude lipstick and apply a coat to my lips. I put on my bang pow earrings and find my leaf bracelet as well as my simple gold heart necklace. Just as I'm checking over my outfit in the mirror I hear Alison honking her car horn outside. I spray some of my our moment perfume on and race down the stairs and out the door. I lock it and walk up to Alison in her car. I head over to the passenger's side and hop in.

"Hey you look good Kleo!" Alison said smiling at me. I look at her and smile and realize she's wearing a short red dress and her makeup and hair is elaborately done but still casual.

"Thanks! You look really nice Al! Pete's gonna be all over you." I say, winking at her, and she blushes slightly.

"Thanks..." she was bright red and I laugh. The rest of the car ride is aimless chatter. Who's dating who, who broke up with who, who likes who, and all the stuff she likes to talk about but I didn't normally bother with. We pulled up in front of a Jacob's house, a large white mansion, and you could hear the music and see the people inside drinking and dancing.

"I forgot what these were like..." I mutter under my breather but Alison just undoes her seatbelt, grinning and hops out of the car.

"C'mon!" she calls and I sigh dramatically and get out. We walk up to the door and even more cars with already drunk teens pull up. 

"WOO GONNA GET ME SOME TONIGHT!!!" I hear someone yell behind me. As we walk past guys outside of the house I hear people catcalling Alison. I look over at her and I can tell she's enjoying the attention as she turns and waves flirtatiously at them and blows them a kiss. Our whole lives Alison has always gotten the attention because she was petite and small waisted with the perfect blonde hair and pale blue eyes, the whole next door neighbor girl look. I roll my eyes as Alison heads back to the way we came to talk to the boys. I head inside ignoring them. The house is a blur of movement and the smell of alcohol and sweat fills the air. I hear laughing and someone slaps my ass. I'm glad I wore jeans.

"I need a drink..." I mutter and go to the kitchen, there was no way I was going to be able to disappear  and read. There I find Jacob. I grab a beer and head over to the counter where he's setting up drinks. "You know that your parents are gonna kill you for this right?" I say leaning on the counter beside where he was putting more beers out. 

"Ya I know bu- KLEO!" he says turning to me, his face lighting up. Jacob has a slight crush on me but I've known him since pre-school and he was always like my brother and he knows that. He's cute with blonde hair and grey eyes but I've always preferred brunettes anyways. He lifts me up and I wrap my arms around his neck as we hugged. "I didn't know you were coming!"he says smiling and I take a drink from my beer feeling the liquid slide down my throat and settle in my stomach.

"I was planning on hanging with Harry but Al forced me to come." I say smiling back and he raises his eyebrows when I say Harry.

"Harry?" he asks.

"Potter." I reply taking another drink from my beer then grabbing his hand and dragging him to the living room.

"Kleo what are you doing I have to put the beer out!" he says as I turn him to me and wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer, my beer tipping and spilling slightly on the floor.

"Well I want to dance and seeing as everyone else is a pervert or gay I've decided to dance with you. And I'm sure they'll manage to get the beer on their own." I say and he rolls his eyes and wraps his hands around my middle as we sway to the music. 

"Fine, but my cousin and a couple of his friends have flown over from England and I want you to meet him." he whispers in my ear and I rolls my eyes.

"Ya right..." I say as we dance, our bodies close but still a decent space apart. People around us were grinding and doing pretty much everything they could without actually having sex.

"Hm I think you'll like him. His names Harry by the way." he said smiling at me as I drank from my beer.

"Potter?" I ask jokingly and we both laughed.

"No but he's- Oh look there they are!" Jacob waves at someone behind me and I turn as far around as I can with my arms around Jacob and his on my waist. I see 5 tall figures head towards us through the crowd. I quickly turn back to Jacob.

"There's five of them! Which one is your cousin?" I ask and he smiled behind at them behind me.

"The curly haired one." he whispers and I nod and as the people come behind us I unwrap my arms from Jacob and pull away. They come up to us and they all shake Jacob's hand. I look at them. They're all my height except for one who was a couple inches shorter. One was quite tall and had curly hair. Jacob's cousin I thought. They look really familiar. Then I realize.

"Oh shit." I say my eyes widening. I was wearing their perfume and they were standing right in front of me. I had never liked them as much as alot of the girls at my school but recently I had really started to like them and their newer music. They didn't seem to hear me and Jacob shook all their hands smiling.

"Hey Jacob sorry we're, uh, late but I guess you weren't really bothered by it." Harry said with his thick accent, looking between me and Jacob and I.

"It's alright and Kleo and I are just friends." he says and I nod giving them a closed mouth smile and taking a drink from my beer. I finish it and hold the empty bottle loosely in my hands.

"Well I'm Harry, this is Louis, that's Liam-" Harry starts to say but I cut him off.

"Ya I know who you are I'm wearing you! No your perfume, I'm not wearing you that's weird-" I look up and they're all staring at me slightly open mouthed except Harry, who was smiling, trying not to laugh.

"I'm going to get more alcohol..." I say turning around heading back to the kitchen. I push my way through the mass of bodies and find the kitchen. I go in and throw my empty bottle in the already overflowing recycling (we're Canadian guys, recycling is important to us). I grab another beer and I rest my back against the counter trying to take the top off the bottle. "God damn it!" I mutter and I hear someone chuckle.

"Need help love?" I look up to see Harry half smiling at me, his dimples slightly showing.

"No no-" I start to protest but Harry took it from my hands and he opens it swiftly with one hand. He hands it back to me laughing. "Thanks." I say and take a long drink.

"You might want to slow down..." he says and I glance up at him.

"That's like telling someone to stop playing with an adorable puppy!" I say back and he laughs slightly. We stand there awkwardly for a second.

"Wanttogodance?" Harry blurts out suddenly and I choke on my drink.

"What?" I say.

"Do you wanna, uh, go dance? With me?" he asks hesitantly. I smile and nod. He smiles at me, dimples and all. I leave my drink behind and grab his hand. As we get out there he wraps his arms around my waist and I put my arms around his neck. We're a fair bit apart until someone comes up behind me and bumps into me pushing me completely into Harry. 

"Sorry about that..." I mumble but Harry just laughs and pulls me closer. Is this what one night stands are like? Meeting them and then suddenly being pressed into there bodies? I think to myself and I start to move to the music and slowly I start to move with Harry. He grabs my hips and growls as we move in sync. 

"How old are you?" he leans in and whispers in my ear.

"Old enough." I say back. I was eighteen as of seven days ago. We start to get into the music when I look up at the clock. It's 3:30 am. Shit I have to go! I think and I pull away from Harry. "I'm so sorry Harry I have to go!" I say but he pulls me back.

"At least let me walk you out?" he says and I rolls my eyes and smile and nod at him. He grins and I pull us out of the house. I feel him pull out of the grip from my hand and then lace his fingers through mine. "I can't lose you know can I?" he asks giving me an innocent smile. We were walking down the path when someone calls out to us.

"Oi, new boy! What are you doing with her?!" he yells. I turn and see my ex, Matthew.

"Oh go away Matthew I broke up with you three months ago!" I say exasperation running through me as he is always trying to "get me back".

"Look mate-" Harry starts to explain but the boy cuts him off.

"Oh I see you think just because you're some foreign new guy you can move in on my woman?!" he slurs at Harry. Oh no I hate when he's drunk, that's the main reason I broke it off.

"Actually from the looks of it she's not your 'woman' she's single and therefore allowed to mingle. Now go home and don't drive." Harry says smiling at him. I turn around and pull Harry along with me. As we get to the end I realize Alison's car is nowhere to be seen.

"Fuck!" I yell and rub my face.

"What's wrong love?" Harry asks and I throw my hands in the air, pissed off as hell.

"She convinces me to come even though I hate these parties and now she just ditches me?!" I say angrily and sit on the curb. Harry comes and sits beside me.

"Do you know anyone else here that could drive you?" he asks looking at me as I rub my face trying to focus.

"No, unless Jacob counts but he can't leave he'd come back and the house would be on fire." I say. "I'll go call a cab. Not much I can do..." I say getting up.

"Wait Kleo! Jacob has a car right?" I nod at Harry. "Well go ask him for the key's I'll drive you." he grins at me like a child who puts away their toys and excitedly is telling their mom. 

"Ya sure! Hold on I'll be right back!" I say smiling at him. I start jogging up the path to the house and I'm nearly there when I feel someone grab me around my middle and pull me to the side. 

"Hey baby miss me?" I smell the alcohol and cringe. Matthew was drunk. The last time when he was with me drunk he tried to rape me and if it wasn't for his older brother rushing in when I screamed I probably would've been. 

"Matthew. Let. Me. Go!" I say. We're in the view of everyone just out to the side of the path. He puts his hand on my mouth so I can't speak. 

"C'mon baby! Just enjoy it." he says running his hand along my body. I cringe as he grabs my ass. I fight to get away and he just pulls me closer. "Bad girl!" he says chuckling.He starts to feel along my thighs and he grabs my breasts. I feel tears sting my eyes. Not again oh please not again! I have no one to call. Alison wasn't here, no one I knew from the squad was here, all the footballers were inside and so was Jacob. Except... I realize who is literally just down the path. I bite Matthew's hand and he yanks it away but still keeps a firm grip on me.

"Bitch!" he says looking at the bite marks.

"HARRY! HARRY COME QUICKLY! PLEASE HAR-" I start to call out for him but Matthew being taller than I was considerably turned me slightly and slammed his mouth to mine. I had just met Harry but I seriously needed help. As I tasted the alcohol on Matthews breath I open my mouth and he shoves his tongue in. I bite down on it hard, hard enough that the metallic taste of blood joins the bitter taste of the alcohol. I turn and call again.

"HARRY!!! HARRY PLEASE!!" I screech and now I'm starting to draw attention. I see Harry jogging towards us and I open my mouth to yell again but Matthew, who had gone in front of me, slaps me. Hard. I taste feel blood coming out of my cheeks. 

"YOU STUPID WHORE!" he screeches at me and starts to come towards me when hands grab his arms. 

"Hey back off!" Harry yells and throws Matthew to the ground. By now a crowd has gathered.

"You." Matthew says pointing at Harry. "If it wasn't for you this would be fine." he says and throws a punch that caught Harry in the stomach. 

"Oof!" Harry falls to the ground. By now Matthew's gang has joined in. 

"No stop!" I scramble up and stand between Harry on the ground gasping for breath and Matthew moving towards him. 

"Move slut!" Matthew said and pushed me back down. As I was scrambling to get back up I hear someone runnning towards us as Matthew laughs.

"STOP IT! STOP IT OR I'M CALLING THE COPS!" Jacob yells running to us, with the other four close on his heels, and Matthew stops his laughter. He looks between me and Harry.

"Whatever I'm out." he says and walks away with his gang stumbling slightly. I feel people going back to the party and I turn to Harry and see the boys already there.

"I'm fine!" he protests as I kneel beside them.

"I'm sorry Harry! I shouldn't have dragged you into it I just didn't know what to do! I didn't think it through I-" Jacob cut me off.

"Kleo you're rambling." he said and I clamped my mouth shut.

"It's fine don't worry about it, I just hope he didn't do something awful before I got there." he says and I smile gratefully at him. He smiles back and then tries to get to his feet before falling.

"Here we gotcha mate." Zayn said and he and Louis helped Harry up to his feet. 

"What were you doing anyways Kleo?" Liam turns and asks me.

"She needed a ride home so I asked her to go get Jacob's keys and I'd drive her." Harry says before I can. 

"Alright I'll drive you but Harry I'll need you to watch the house if that's okay with you." Jacob says and Harry nods. I start to follow Jacob when I feel someone grab my hand.

"Kleo wait! Do you, um, think I can have your number? Considering I saved your life?" he says smiling cheekily. I laugh and he hands me his phone and I type it in. I glance up and see Niall laughing and Zayn  and Louis were making faces at each other while Liam was texting someone. It is so surreal.

"See ya later dimples!" I call back to Harry and follow Jacob.

A/N: Hey guys! So this is a Harry fic but there is also gonna be another member who will fall for Kleo (ohhh drammmma!) any thoughts? Any ways I know it's long but I'll update soon if anyone actually does enjoy it! Bye!


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