Theory of improbability

Every attemp to describe the plot will be a spoiler. So, everthing I can tell you is three words: Universe, Hitchhiking, Sarcasm.


1. Prologue


What do you imagine when you hear this word? Endless darkness? Billions of shining stars? Eternal cold? Or, maybe, supernova explosions? Silence? Or hundreds of various sounds?

I do not want to disappoint you, but whatever you answer, your answer will be wrong. Just because it is the Universe. It is fire and ice, dazzling light and impenetrable darkness, all the sounds of the world and absence of sound itself. 
Miracles and routine. 
Fear and rapture. 
Everything and nothing. 

But this is not the most remarkable feature of the Universe. 
Universe is home for billions of different folks. And all of them laugh, cry, love, hate, scream, whist. 
And tell stories. 
Millions of amazing stories. 

It happened so that you are about to hear one of them. 
This is a story about everything mentioned a couple of lines ago. This is a story about the Universe.
It opens with the end of the world.

But there is hardly a story that begins in the end. So it will start a little bit earlier. 
It will start with a textbook thrown out of the window.

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