Theory of improbability

Every attemp to describe the plot will be a spoiler. So, everthing I can tell you is three words: Universe, Hitchhiking, Sarcasm.


2. Chapter 1.

Chapter 1.


We have a couple of seconds to take a look at the textbook before it will fly out of the window. So what can we notice in such a short period of time? The book. Rather thick. Bright red cover, with a bold blue title “Writing: handbook for beginners”. Above it there was another one, not so bold but stull blue: “How to write a book in a few easy steps”. Content of the book is as absurd as its cover: lots of graphs, schemes and colorful inscriptions. We can see an underlined paragraph: «Always create your masterpieces with pen and paper. Never EVER use computers, typewriters or other rubbish. Other way your individuality will be killed and text will be faceless». There is one more highlighted paragraph, but we have no time to read it. The woman’s hands have grabbed the book and thrown it out of the window.

The hands belong to a young lady, Kelly Grinch by name. She considers herself a professional writer, who will soon become famous. In spite of this, Miss Grinch has not read any books for the last few years except different handbooks and textbooks. At the same time she was doing anything but writing. And yet, this time she set at the desk with a piece of paper and tried to write a couple of lines of her future masterpiece. It was clear from the very beginning that piles of textbook had not improved her skills even a little bit. She managed only to write something like “He went there and did that”.

Notwithstanding Kelly’s strong belief in her genius, Miss Grinch understood clearly that such manner of writing would make it difficult for her to publish the books and find her own reader. Understanding of wasting a lot of time spent on the endless manuals made her throw the book away in despair, hoping that it will wind its place in the rubbish. But it did not happen. The textbook only broke the window of her neighbour’s flat. Kelly Grinch was astonished and hurried into the street to calm herself without damaging anything else.

 The girl just as the whole human race could not imagine that this textbook would become the first ring in the long chain of terrible and destructive events which soon lead to the World’s end. However, there is no need in thinking about it now. It is more sensible to mention that the sound of broken glass had frightened the novice seventeen-year-old burglar in the flat next door who decided to start criminal career. The poor thief rushed out of the window in spite of the fact that he was on the third floor. He found himself in the trash can which was the destination of Kelly Grinch’s book. Obviously the teenager was not going to stay there and wait for the police. And he was sure that the police had already known everything about it and was going to arrest him. The unlucky criminal ran into the street pushing everyone around. In the “the hazard zone” there was a middle-aged woman who fell on the ground. She did not just fall, but also broke a heel of her rather expensive shoes. It made her be late to the conference where she was going to make a report. This accident has not influenced the woman’s life but it has changed the fate of the planet.

While the people were waiting for the reporter, one of them was boring enough to make a paper plane and throw it into the window. Caught by the wind, the plane flew a couple of meters and fell on the ground not far from the tabby cat enjoying itself under the sun. The cat became interested in this strange thing had fallen from the sky, it came nearer and touched it. The white thing did not move. The cat did not like it. It touched it again. The white thing moved a little. In some seconds the cat was fighting this paper. Soon the plane was torn apart. A huge shaggy dog noticed the cat and it was definitely not friendly. The cat ran away from the dog in panic. The dog ran after. The old man whom they were passing by dropped his newspaper which was immediately caught by the same wind. Do not worry about the cat. It was perfectly save on the tree. But the newspaper caused a great danger. It has fallen on the front window of one of the cars on the road. The blissed driver wanted hit the brakes, but the other driver has smashed into his car. Some time later twenty eight disfigured cars were standing in the road. Seven people were killed in this accident.

But more important was the fact that it was the first sign of the Apocalypse. You should not expect four horsemen proudly riding in the street. We could only see the pile of cars. Everything was prosaic. At least, then. Also it worth mentioning that you may be interested in one of seven deaths happened that day. A young girl named Kelly Grinch was crossing the road just at the moment when one of twenty eight cars crashed into the others. Kelly Grinch’s life was over at the dawn of her years.

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