Saying That I Live By

There are a lot of saying's in here, one's that I live by and love <3 There all by different people - There life sayings, if you've read my bio about me then you'll already know what my favorite saying is and what the first chapter will be :-D Anyway - I will also have why I like this saying and yeah. Please like, comment if you have a quote or favorite. If you're felling really nice as well you'll hit the 'Become a fan' button :-D


1. Quote Number One

'Forget What Hurt You In Life But Never Forget What It Taught You' 


One of my favorite quotes of all time! I don't actually know who came up with this quote but who ever did is my hero!

The reason for my liking of this quote is because to many people focus on how they where hurt rather than what this mistake has taught you. It telling you to, not completely forget it, but only remember what it had taught you so you don't do the exact same thing.

Anyway - That's my first one, tell me what you think about it. Comment, like, favorite this.

Bye XxXxX

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