Playing With Her Demons (Harry Styles)

"Where do you want to start?" He asked. I took in my lip ring, tugging it between my lips. I nodded at my foot. "I am a picture book. You got to figure it out. But I want to tell you" I whisper. Pointing to a small star on my foot, I took a deep breath. This is the first time telling somebody this. "When I was 5, my mum died. My dad had cleared off a few months before I was born, so I don't care about him. But she told me something. That she will be the brightest star in the sky when I look up at night. I would wait outside until nightfall sometimes, waiting for the star" Outlining, the star, I looked at my other foot. A Broken heart. "My step father, Harley, started drinking. So much he could barely stand. He promised he would never hurt me and only lay a finger on me to ruffle my hair playfully" I stopped. "He lied" One by one, I told Harry the story of my life. From my first beating, to the small cursive writing on my shoulder saying in clear words. "There are others" At the end, I didn't shed a tear. Harry wasn't going to be the cause for that too. Harry looked in awe, as I finished my story, not even breaking a small tear. "You're strong, Riley. You are so strong" He said, rubbing my bare leg. I shook my head. "I barely got by" The next words were etched into my mind, and I knew I would never forget them. "But you did" Riley has Demons. She smokes, she drinks, she gets tattoo's. All for a reason. She wants to tell a story. And now, Harry is listening


1. Spin the bottle ; Sleeping Arrangements

I brought the smoke up to my lips and breathed in, inhaling the taste of tobacco. "Riley, want a spliff?" Kay asked, holding out the fat roll.

"No thanks. I don't plan on being breathalysed tonight. Last week, I spent a night in that cell before Jazzy came and got me" Nodding towards my room mate, sucking a fake blondes face off. Kay laughed and breathed the roll in, before passing it on to Jace.

Running my fingers through my dark brown hair, I pulled the smoke from my lips, and took a swig of beer instead. The foul tasting liquid ran down my throat, leaving a unpleasant taste behind. I didn't care. I kind of liked it.

"Hey, Riley, have you seen that guy?" Jace nudged me, passing the spliff back to Kay.

My eyes darted towards where Jace gestured, and my mouth gaped. He was beautiful.

A tall guy, at least 5'9, was shuffling his way through the crowd. His head was full of curls, and his dark green orbs searching the moving bodies. I shrugged, pretending not to care.

I cared a lot.

"Yeah, so what?" I shrugged, taking another puff of smoke.

Kay lifted up his foot and pressed the tip of the spliff at the sole, putting the light out. I creased my eyebrows at him, taking another sip of beer.

"He's my cousin. I don't want him telling my mum" Kay shrugged as Jace glared at him. Of course he is, Jace brought the damn thing.

Curly made his way over to us, and fist bumped Kay. "Hey Kaylon. Long time no see" Curly grinned, his silver lip ring moving slightly as he spoke.

Jace and I looked at each other, stifling a laugh. Kaylon? We only known him as Kay.

"Harry!" Kay scolded, shifting his foot weight.

"Aww, what's a matter Kaylon?" Jace teased. "Smokes got your tongue?" He nudged him.

I let out a loud laugh, making Kay, Jace and 'Harry' turn their heads towards me with a confused look.

Did I mention my laugh is the weirdest sound in the world? It's like a crossbreed of a chicken and dog bark. Yeah, it's that bad.

"Anyway..." Kay's voice trailed off. "...Riley, Jace, this is my baby cousin Harry. He's a dickhead" Kay kicked Harry's shin slightly, making Harry laugh. It was music.

I brought the smoke up to my lips, and as I was about to breathe it in, Jazzy had it out of my hands and in his mouth.

"Jazzy! What the hell? Don't you have your own?" I snapped, taking my lip ring between my teeth.

"I forgot my pack back at the flat! Hey that rhymed" He smiled to himself, taking in a big puff. I clapped my hands together sarcastically.

"Well done, you are now valedictorian, asswipe" I slapped his arm, before turning back to 3 amused men. Shaking my head, I walked off towards the kitchen. "Why am I friends with assholes?" I mumbled loudly.

"BECAUSE YOU LOVE US!" Kay shouted after me, making me laugh again. Damn.


We decided to be immature. Play spin the bottle.

"Are we twelve?" Georgia, one of my friends rolled her eyes, picking at her nails.

"No. Twenty. Now come on!" Kay laughed, spinning the bottle.

The twelve of us in the circle watched as the bottle span, skimming past me, slowing down on Harry and landing on Jace.

He clapped and rubbed his hands together, his eyes suddenly landing on me. "Lets hope it's you, Riles. You won't be able to resist me".

Jace puckered his lips, as Jace spun the bottle with a hard flick of his wrist.

I prayed to god it wasn't me.

As the bottle slowed down, it barely missed me, and landed on Niall, one of Harry's friends.

Did I mention who was in the circle?

Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam, Jace, Jay, Jazzy, Georgia, Henrietta- the girl Jazzy was kissing, and me.

More boys than girls, so it was more likely it would land on a boy.

But it landed on Georgia.

"Seriously?!" She groaned as she got on all fours and pecked her lips on Jace's quickly, leaving him shocked. I know what Georgia's kisses were like. Fast and painless, she never lingered.

Don't ask why. Personal experience when I was 18.

"HARREH IT IS YOUR TURN!" Louis shouted, making us all jump. I let out a little giggle, which was much more attractive than my laugh.

Harry chuckled, and grabbed the bottle, spinning it with a quick flick of the wrist. It wound round and round until it landed on somebody...


Niall smiled, and put his finger up, motioning Harry towards him.

"Come here, baby boy" He said seductively as he leaned in. Harry blushed slightly, and connected his lips with the blondes' for a split second, before pulling back.

Niall slumped. "I was hoping for at least some action tonight"

Henrietta, Georgia and I burst out laughing.

"Don't count on it" Henrietta giggled.

"Cheeky!" Georgia smiled, but blown him a kiss anyway.

Niall looked at me, waiting for my comment. I shrugged and crawled over to him, sitting on his lap.

"C'mere irish boy. Don't fall in love with me!" I exaggerated, putting my hands on the back of his neck, his resting on my hips.

"I'll try not to" He laughed, pressing his lips to mine.

Our mouths moved in sync, our tongues entering each others mouths at instant. Jesus, he was a good kisser. But a bit sloppy. But a kiss is a kiss.

"GET A ROOM!" Kay whistled after a minute or two.

I pulled back, and looked around, to see everyone's eyes on us.

Smirking, I went to get up, but Niall pulled me back down.

"Nu-uh, you're mine tonight" He mumbled seductively in my ear.

Giggling, I rested my head on his shoulder, as the bottle spun around again, landing on Kay who had to kiss Zayn. Jazzy had to kiss Henrietta. I had to kiss Louis, Niall had to kiss Georgia, who actually lingered. And then I had to kiss Niall, again.

He didn't mind though. I could feel his little friend didn't mind either.

Another 20 minutes, and Harry jumped up.

"I'm bored, come on, lets go boys" He mumbled, not making eye contact with anybody. Kay creased his eyebrows at him. "You guys don't wanna crash tonight? The house is big enough. 6 bedrooms" He said proudly.

"I thought I was staying tonight?" I complained.

Niall tickled my sides, making me giggle and squeal with laughter. "We can stay together tonight. By the way, your laugh is adorable" He said quietly.

Liam looked at his watch. "4am, no point on going back, Haz. We may as well. Riley can stay with Niall. You can stay with Louis, I can stay with Zayn. Takes up 3 bedrooms" He shrugged.

Harry glanced at me on Niall's lap, and sighed.



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