The Adventure of Ron Weasley

Ron was still mad at Harry for being able to participate in the Triwizard Tournament. But without Harry and Hermoine to keep him out of detention he starts to be more adventurous.


1. How'd He Get In?

"Harry Potter!"

"Isn't this always how we start getting into trouble Hermoine?"

"This is Harry Potter we're talking about"

"I mean how'd he get in anyway? I've asked almost all the seventh years in Gryffondor! He's always getting the fame isn't he?"

"Ron I think you're-"

"Don't 'Ron' me! You guys want another bloody adventure where I don't get credit, you can have it! But count me out!"

"He never asked for-"

"You can save it Hermoine. From now on it's going to be The Adventure of Ron." And with that, Ron left the common room ready to start his own adventure. His only problem was where to start.

"Psst!" Ron looked over his shoulder. "Over here!" He held out his wand and turned around slowly. "In the shadows, in the corner to your left! I swear George someone must've dropped him on his head when he was born." Ron then recognized the voice he was hearing.

"What are you guys doing?" Ron asked

"We need to get the food for Harry's party inside of the common room." George said as if Ron should have known. "You just stand here with your wand pointed towards the middle of the corridor. If you see a single soul walk by, use the petrificus totalus curse."

Ron was still stuck on the whole party thing. "A party? What? Are we going to-"

"No time Ron. Someone's coming! Remember what I said!" Fred and George took off.

Ron closed his eyes and said the curse. "Petrificus totalus!" Ron opened his eyes and wished he never closed them in the first place. He'd almost hit Professor Snape!

"Attempt at harming a teacher, Mr. Weasley? Detention Monday! Forty points from Gryffondor."

*So that's chapter one! I want to shoutout to Lily_Macy (lucky you don't have school!) and you guys should read her story Home is Where Hogwarts Is, also you should read her other stories.

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