When Dr. Rosen, Gary, Cameron Hicks, Rachel, Nina, and Bill come together to fight a notorious villain, there is no stopping them. But this villain is especially dangerous. He has a power that could kill all the Alphas, and expose them to the world. Will the Alphas be able to overcome and defeat this villain? Or will the go down in history as crazy misfits who tried to save the world? Find out by reading this Movella.


1. Introduction: Meet the Alphas


"Honey, Honey, where are my keys!" stressed Bill. "Calm down sweetie," urged his sweet loving wife. "Calm down and just grab some breakfast on the way out." He sauntered to the small kitchen in their warm small apartment, and snatched a meal replacement bar from the pantry. "Do you think they could be in your jacket pocket that you wore yesterday? said his wife trying to help. He looked in his front left pocket of his elegant velvet Prada suit, and discovered what he was searching for. "Ah ha! I found them! Thanks honey. It's like they have a mind of their own." "Anytime," she said sweetly and gave him a soft kiss. "Have a good day," she said. "You too." Bill walked out the door to find a car parked in front of his driveway. He couldn't pull out and he was going to be late for work! He then clenched his fist, and started to sweat almost immediately. He placed his hands on the brand new metallic black Chevrolet Camaro and started pushing it out of the way.


WEE-OH-WEE-OH-WEE-OH! "Dangit!" she said a little louder than usual. A police officer was tailing her with his shining red, blue, and white lights illuminating, and sirens blazing. He wanted her to pull over, so she did. "You were going 85mph in a 75mph zone," the officer stated. He was a rather tall man, with Oakley sunglasses, and he looked a little bit like Tom Cruise. "Officer, can you take off your sunglasses for me?" inquired Nina. The officer took his glasses off, and Nina stared straight into his eyes. "I was going 75mph," she said slower than usual. "It's about lunch time. Why don't you go and take your lunch break?" she coaxed. The officer walked back to his car drove away and later hit up "In-N-Out Burger."


Gary stared at the front door of his house. Only he wasn't looking at the front door. He was flipping through the electromagnetic wavelengths in his brain. He could watch television whenever he wanted by flipping through the channels. "What cereal would you like this morning Gary?" asked his mother sweetly. Gary was 19 years old, and was autistic, but could communicate decently with other people. "Lucky Charms mom, Lucky Charms, because Lucky Charms will give me luck and I need luck, ohh nice goal!" he said in almost one elongated sentence. He was watching a soccer game, and Ronaldo just scored a goal. "Gary, turn off the TV and grab your bag. Your ride is here." stated his mom. Gary "turned off" the wavelengths in his head, and walked out the shiny red front door, heading towards the car where he saw Rachel, Nina, and Bill. They drove him to the lab every day.


"How did he kill this guy?" Dr. Rosen inquired. Dr. Rosen was an older man with glasses and glossy white hair, who loved to swim. He was in charge of the Alphas. "I don't know," Bill answered. The room was a common interagation room, with re-enforced steel throughout the entire room, including the door. The door had one small window that was the highest quality bullet proof glass. Rachel glanced up at the air conditioning vent. She zoomed in boosting her vision and blocking everything else out. There was a small dent in one of the strips running across the vent. "I know!" exclaimed Rachel. "The murderer must have been an alpha. He must have shot the round through the air vent and nicked one of the blinds coming out of the vent. His vantage point must have been..." She paused and accelerated her vision once again, blocking everything else out from the world. She saw the very top of a building when one could stand, set up a sniper rifle, and fire through the vent. It is an impossible shot. "Follow me," she said quickly and bounced out the door seeming to be in a rush. When Dr. Rosen, Bill, Nina, and Gary were all on the roof, Rachel then explained. "The shooter must have stood right here, and fired his shot through the vent to kill his target. Rachel looked down at the little pebbles on the top of the roof, and boosted her sense of smell. She smelled dog poop from a park a half a mile away, but she also smelt a small burning smell. She peered down at the small rocks at her feet, and started to dig a little bit. She found a .50 caliber sniper rifle round. "Yes he would have to stand right here," she said grinning with her new piece of evidence that she would later analyze at home base.



Cameron Hicks was just an average grocery store worker. But he wasn't as average as everybody else. He was an Alpha, so that meant he had some type of supernatural power. As Hicks placed the cabbages on the counter to put away, he received a phone call. BRRRING-BRRRING!!! "Hello" All Cameron heard was a faint ringing sound, and he put the phone down, and went back to work not knowing he was just hypnotized by a notorious villain. "Excuse me, TIME TO KILL," an old lady said just asking where she could find the barbecue sauce. But Hicks was hallucinating and he thought everyone was saying TIME TO KILL. Cameron walked to the back of the store and walked through a door that said EMPLOYEES ONLY. His boss followed him. "Hey uh Hicks, could you cover for Justin tomorrow?" "Ya sure thing." "Hey Hicks, TIME TO KILL." Cameron walked out of the the back and out the front door. He robotically drove to his apartment, and walked into his home. He searched in his closet for his Barret .50 caliber sniper rife, and found the shiny beautiful weapon. Hicks went straight to his car. He drove down to a business office, exited his car, and walked into the building. He stepped into the elevator, and pressed the "R" button, which meant roof. He ran once he arrived at the top, set up his rifle quickly, peered down the sight, and fired one round into an air conditioning vent. The round traveled through the vent, and nicked one of the blinds of the vent on the way out, and hit his target right between the eyes, and he fell to the floor.




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