Forgive and Forget - 1D Fanfiction (Sequel to Stormy Nights)

Leah is still with the boys. Louis. Niall. Zayn. Liam, and her and Louis' baby, Noah. She hasn't gone back to see Harry. It's been two years, but Harry still loves her, she loves Harry. But Louis loves her too. And what about Zayn? Surely he loves her aswell. But when Zayn's double.. Isaac.. comes back for a re-match, all the boys must be willing to fight him and make sure he doesn't steal Leah. Who will she go with?

Will she have to choose.... again?


17. Epilouge

Louis' vision was restored in his good eye, and he had recovered in time to see Leah and Noah's funeral. They took Leah to the hospital after she died. She was shot in the neck. Isaac was never found.

Leah Renee Thompson died peacefully at 11:58 PM on April 14th, 2014. She was loved by everyone she had ever met.

Harry couldn't change her last name to Styles. When he spoke of her though, the boys and him remembered her as Leah Renee Styles. She deserved that name.

Louis got married to a girl name Kathleen. He named his son Noah.

Niall was married to a lady named Darcy.

Zayn married Perrie,

And Liam married Leah's friend from high school, Jennette.

Harry was never married. He made no plans to be married. When he was asked about it, he told others he was married to the love of his life, Leah. She had gone away for a while, but she was still there. Always around. Always loving him as he was her.

One Direction puzzle-pieced themselves together to release another album called 'Addicted to you."

The first track on the album was built from the song they sang to Leah as she was dying. They called it, 'Leah's Lullaby.' In Noah's memory, the second track was called 'Too young.'

The police are still looking for Isaac. It is rumoured that he killed himself the night of Leah's murder.

Of course there are regrets. Of course there was lost time. Of course there is a large hole in all of their hearts. Harry captured that in his eulogy for Leah.

Leah and Noah were buried side by side in Harry's home town. They wanted her far away from Isaac's shack, the place where she was killed. They refuse to sell Harry and Leah's old house. They left the pictures of her there.



Leah Renee Styles


Go to sleep my darling,

it's time for you to rest.








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