Forgive and Forget - 1D Fanfiction (Sequel to Stormy Nights)

Leah is still with the boys. Louis. Niall. Zayn. Liam, and her and Louis' baby, Noah. She hasn't gone back to see Harry. It's been two years, but Harry still loves her, she loves Harry. But Louis loves her too. And what about Zayn? Surely he loves her aswell. But when Zayn's double.. Isaac.. comes back for a re-match, all the boys must be willing to fight him and make sure he doesn't steal Leah. Who will she go with?

Will she have to choose.... again?


3. Chapter Three

Leah's POV

The curtains fly in the wind and Noah's crib is empty, muddy foot prints line the floor, but not a single fingerprint visible- the person who took Noah must have been wearing gloves.

"No," I cry, running to the crib, and collapsing in front of it. "Noah, I'm so sorry," I whimper, looking to the ceiling and closes my eyes as tears dribble down my face. "What is the matter?" Louis asks, searching for us, frantic. "Noah, he has been kidnapped," Zayn whispers, and Louis jaw drops. "Please tell me you are kidding," He says, but when he hears no answer, hugs Niall, the closest person to him, and sobs quietly into his shirt.

Zayn's POV

Leah's kid was just stolen. Kidnapped. There was a note that threatened to take Leah. I am beginning to think we just weren't protective enough. I sit beside her on the floor and put my arm around her. She nuzzles her face into the crook of my neck. "Leah, I'm sorry," I apologize, and she looks up at me with wet eyes, and asks, "Why?" "Because, we weren't protective enough, we were stupid, we let him go. We will get him back, I promise," I tell her, but she smiles, a weak, smile. "It isn't your fault, it's mine," She whines, but I lift her chin with my hand and guide her lips to mine, a soft, forgiving kiss. Louis doesn't pay attention to any sounds in the room- I'm assuming he doesn't know, considering I am doing so only minutes after he attempted to propose to Leah. I hope she says no.

I love Louis, as a brother. And I love Leah. As a sister.

As a friend.


As a girlfriend. As a lover. As a partner. As the only person that matters to me. And seeing her get married would cause my eyes to shatter in to pieces and the janitor would be forced to clean those pieces up after the wedding.

"Leah," I smile, "It's nobody's fault," I tell her, but she insists it is her fault.

"It is my fault," She says. "How so?" I reply, but she stares at the floor and a tear rolls down her cheek. "It's my fault, because,

I was the one that dumped Isaac in high school. He was the one who drank. He was the one who was violent. He was the one who swore he would get me back someday.... and now he is going to succeed," She explains, confusing me. Then, she looks up at me and whispers in my ear,

"And Zayn, he is also your double."


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