Forgive and Forget - 1D Fanfiction (Sequel to Stormy Nights)

Leah is still with the boys. Louis. Niall. Zayn. Liam, and her and Louis' baby, Noah. She hasn't gone back to see Harry. It's been two years, but Harry still loves her, she loves Harry. But Louis loves her too. And what about Zayn? Surely he loves her aswell. But when Zayn's double.. Isaac.. comes back for a re-match, all the boys must be willing to fight him and make sure he doesn't steal Leah. Who will she go with?

Will she have to choose.... again?


16. Chapter Sixteen

Niall's POV

We use a car from the hospital and approach Isaac's shack, hoping Leah and Harry are alright. We can't lose another.

A tear lets loose and drives itself down my cheek.

Noah was too young.

"I see them!" Zayn shouts, pointing out the window, and we see Harry and Leah, together. Zayn growls. "I knew he would try to get her back.." He mumbles under his breath. Isaac is laying on the ground, but he is struggling, fumbling with something, but I don't know what. Zayn shines his flashlight out the window as we park the car along the road and begin to exit the car, and the shack is a far run. We begin to bolt, Zayn using the flashlight the light up the path in front of us. It also lights up what Isaac has in his hand.. a knife. And it looks like he is trying to cut the rope around his hands.

I begin to run faster, Isaac kneeling, and slowly recovering as he stands up the knife and rope tumbling to the ground. Zayn notices and picks up his speed, and a machine is pulled out of Isaac's belt. A gun.

Harry's POV

I do not let go of Leah. Her back is to where Isaac is laying and I keep her there, my eye on him. I shut my eyes, though. I want the world to go away. I want to stay in this dream where it's just me and Leah. I want the darkness to swallow us and take us somewhere else. I want this to be real. I want my dream.

But sooner or later,

you always have to wake up.

And the second the gun is fired,

I do.


The sound of the gun firing has my eyes wide open and Leah going limp in my arms, blood spewing from her mouth as she begins to cough. Somebody screams.

I think it was me.

I am transfixed as the world goes in slow motion, everything spinning around me. Leah is slowly lied down onto the gravel, her head in my hands. The boys reach us, I think, and they surround us, holding the rest of her as we sit with her, her eyes open, but not awake. I quickly look back.

Isaac is gone.

Leah lets out a sharp breath. "I love you," She whispers, her hands fisting the collar of my shirt, keeping herself up. "all-of-you," She says, her hands slowly letting go of me, as she lets herself go. I know she is waiting for us to catch on. "Sing," She mouths, sound barely reaching her mouth.

I look at the boys, and we all nod. "We love you," We whisper in unison, as we begin to sing to her, a song we had begin to write a long time ago, but never released.

It's okay to let go,

but we all need you to know,

a simple 'I love you' is not enough,

to send you off to go.


But bright pink flowers and our wishes,

will prepare you for the best,

now go to sleep my darling,

it's time for you to rest.


We sing to her softly as her hands finally drop from my shirt and the rest at her sides. Her last breath is sharp, and she sucks it in before letting it out, and her chest just stops rising. Blood lines all of our hands and soaks our jeans but we don't care. "She's gone." I whisper, shakily, and we all let out a cry, bringing her body into us. I remove her jacket from her body and I lay it under her, keeping her comfortable. But Zayn soon notices something in the pocket of her jacket. "It's a note," he whispers, unfolding it. He begins to read it out loud.

Dear boys,

Isaac is going to take me away. He is busy right now, so I thought it would be a good time to write to you. When we get to our destination I will mail it. I hope you get it.


You are my love. I think you always will be. In fact, I know you will. I hope you still love me as I love you. I don't know what happened between us. Sometimes certain people come along and ruin others. I don't think you are ruined. I am. I want to see you again. I want to be with you again. Harry, I love you so much and I miss you terribly. I believe we were all put on this earth to be with one person, for a reason. You were my one person. And the reason? I don't know. Does there have to be a reason? No. I can just love you because you are you. And that is that. I want you to change my last name to Styles. I want that. Just like I want you.


You are a hilarious guy. I know you will find someone out there who loves you (besides myself) and I hope you can have a son with them. I hope you and your son get along just as well as you and Noah did. You will be an amazing father as you were a friend. I am so glad we met. I will miss you so much, Niall. You are fabulous.


I didn't get to know you as well. You were my little helper, I think. You are an amazing guy and I bet you any other girl will tell you that. You were so good with Noah and he loved you and I know you loved him. I love you too. I love being surrounded with people that I love and that love me back. You were one of those very few people, and I thank you for making my life as amazing as it was. I am going to miss you, Li.


I love you, Louis. You loved me too. We loved eachother, but we weren't meant to be Husband and Wife, I don't think. You are meant for someone else, out there, and I know you will find her and you will love her as much as I love Harry. And I love you too. I can't express that enough. You are my partner in crime, Louis, and Noah loved you, and you loved Noah. I am so sorry I had to leave you at a time like this, but otherwise Isaac would hurt you. and I know you will miss Noah. He would miss you just the same if you were gone. I hope your eyes are as good as new, and you can see and do whatever you want. You don't need to depend on anyone anymore. I hope you have the best life possible. I hope you can do all the things we wanted to do with the lady you do marry some day. I know you will.


You are my big brother and I love you even more than that. You were my love, and you still are, but you took that place in my life as the person who kept me safe just like you promised. You always wanted to protect me. You did. 'Thank you' doesn't even express how thankful I am that you were in my life. I know that you loved me and I loved you too, but I want you to move on from me. Get married. Have a good life with someone that loves you. I want all of you boys to do that. I want you to enjoy yourselves and forget about me. I will not forget you, not ever, but I will not let myself drag you down. Don't look for me, or try to get me back. It's okay. Let me be gone. It's for the best.


Boys, You are my sunshine. You lit up my world and I love you so much, each and every one of you, more than anything. While I am gone, please, do me one thing:

Release another album.

Bring happiness and joy to others with your voices and amazing personalities again as you did to me. Let me go away. I'm still here, just not with you. I am not gone forever. You don't have to bury me. I don't want your memory of me to be buried. Just let me be gone and away with Isaac. I want to save you as you saved me so many times. I love you.


She must have written that when she was in the shack with Isaac.

I love you Leah,

I love you too.


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