Forgive and Forget - 1D Fanfiction (Sequel to Stormy Nights)

Leah is still with the boys. Louis. Niall. Zayn. Liam, and her and Louis' baby, Noah. She hasn't gone back to see Harry. It's been two years, but Harry still loves her, she loves Harry. But Louis loves her too. And what about Zayn? Surely he loves her aswell. But when Zayn's double.. Isaac.. comes back for a re-match, all the boys must be willing to fight him and make sure he doesn't steal Leah. Who will she go with?

Will she have to choose.... again?


7. Chapter Seven

Leah's POV

I wake up the next morning, Louis next to me. His eye appointment is today. It's in two hours, an hour long drive to get there. We can't be late. "Louis, get up," I groan, shaking him until he is awake. He sits up, throws his feet off the bed, and starts to get ready. "Do we have to go?" I whine. He nods. "Why?" I ask. "Because, I'm still hoping for a miracle," He sighs.

I think about something, and then blurt it aloud. "Louis, were you going to propose to me before?" I ask. He tenses up. He faces me. "Ya, I was," he mumbles. "Are you going to try again?" I ask. He sighs. But he doesn't answer.

Harry's POV

I buy flowers, and chocolates for Leah. I plan to go over today and tell her what really happened. Tell her I still love her. I can't take another day without her by my side.

I put a picture of us in a frame, and, with my coat on, get ready to walk out the door, but I see her getting in the car, with Louis. I sigh as they drive away, my plan ruined. What if she doesn't take me back? Why didn't I do this sooner?


Leah's POV

The car ride is quiet. I am excited to get there, so It isn't as awkward between us. I am afraid he is going to propose again. I want him to, but I don't. I don't want the possibility of me never being with Harry again to ever be a possibility at all. I can't handle that. And what about Zayn? What will he say? He has always been there. I need to be with someone. Someone who can protect me from Isaac.

Zayn got a note last night. He told me he got one. I wanted to read it, but he wouldn't let me. He ripped it up before I saw it. He wouldn't tell me what it said. I think he is just trying to keep my stress levels low. I don't think it's working.

Louis walks into the doctors office. He motions for me to sit outside, but I so desperately want to go in with him, to see if there really is going to be a miracle like he hopes. But deep down inside I know that he won't get any better no matter how much he hopes. Hope never healed two dead eyes.

Louis' POV

The doctor looks at my eyes, and it seems like hours pass while he examines them, checking for anything, anything at all, anything that changed. Anything that will help me see again. The doctor holds open my right eye for a long period of time, and I can feel the light on it. He then proceeds to check my left eye, but shuts it after a minute. He goes back to looking at my right eye. "Hm," He says, while continuing to look at my right eye, something he has never done. Something must be different. "Well, there seems to be some improvement in your right eye," He says.


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