Forgive and Forget - 1D Fanfiction (Sequel to Stormy Nights)

Leah is still with the boys. Louis. Niall. Zayn. Liam, and her and Louis' baby, Noah. She hasn't gone back to see Harry. It's been two years, but Harry still loves her, she loves Harry. But Louis loves her too. And what about Zayn? Surely he loves her aswell. But when Zayn's double.. Isaac.. comes back for a re-match, all the boys must be willing to fight him and make sure he doesn't steal Leah. Who will she go with?

Will she have to choose.... again?


5. Chapter Five

Harry's POV

I sigh, tears welling up in my eyes as I grip a picture of Leah and I. I can't let her be killed, and no matter what this Isaac guy is going to do to me, I am going to go to him, to save Noah, to save Leah.

I sit down, wanting to think of a plan to save the baby, and take Leah and we can run away together, start a new life. But I know she doesn't want that like I do. So I drop the thought and agree with myself to go and do whatever Isaac says.




Night falls. I throw on a coat and place an orange beanie over my head, covering up my curls and my cold ears. A pair of gloves hug my hands and fingers tightly. I learn to live with the pre-winter weather as a few snowflakes hit the window. I squint, thinking I am seeing something out there, but the snow swallows it up. I see nothing.

I exit the backdoor and start to walk towards the woods when a familiar voice calls my name from down the road. "Harry?" A voice asks. I continue to walk, yet the figure gets closer. "Harry, Please, I still love you," I hear, and I want so badly to turn to her, Leah, and hug her and whisper in her ear that I love her and stroke her hair like I used to. Her hair always smelled like cinnamon.

As she starts to run towards me, I continue to run towards the woods, and, when I look back, I see her disappointed face and her feet moving as fast as they can back to the house. Zayn pulls her into his arms in the doorway and glares at me before kissing Leah on the forehead and shutting the door.

What, are they together now?

I see a figure perched against a tree and I hear Noah's crying. He is two, I remember, his birthday was last week. I wanted to go see him then. I didn't.

"So, ready for our deal?" A raspy voice asks, and a man who looks exactly like Zayn comes up to me. I nod. "Ready as I'll ever be," I say.

Leah's POV

I see Harry as I am walking outside to catch Beanie- he got out again. I call out Harry's name, forgetting the dog for a moment, but he doesn't seem to hear me. I say it again, running towards him, and I reveal something I didn't mean to- telling him I love him. It's no secret, although I have been trying to make it one. He starts to run away from me, and I blink back tears as I realize he still hates me, and I run away, meeting Zayn at the door who plants a kiss on my forehead.

He makes me feel safe.

Louis is already holding beanie, and Liam and Niall burst in the doors, shaking their heads. "No sign of Noah, we checked everywhere," They huff and puff. I sink in my seat, and try to sit with Louis, but he gets up as his phone goes off. He has a notification. He sighs. "Oh, it's just my eye appointment tomorrow. Who is driving?" He asks, but I assure him that I will drive him to the doctor.

I don't know why he goes, it's not like any improvement ever happens. It's a waste of time if you ask me.

And that's when I hear the knock.

I run to the door, and open it, it's Harry. And he is holding Noah.

Harry's POV

Leah squeals with joy, getting a freezing cold Noah into the motel room. She comes to hug me, and attempts to kiss me as well, but I dodge them both, remembering what Isaac said. I can't let him kill her.

Zayn's POV

I watch as Harry dodges any contact with Leah. He then sighs, a tear rolling down his cheek, but he wipes it away quickly, making his sadness invisible, except to me. "I wanted to tell you Leah," He begins, "I don't love you. I've moved on and we will never be together, ever. I rescued Noah because I love him, he was going to be my son, but I don't love you anymore, I feel nothing. When I rescued Noah, from a crying Isaac, he said he didn't want to have to steal Noah, he just wanted you to come to him. I heard his side of the story, and he loves you with all his heart, more than I ever did, more than anyone else ever will. You two should be together," He says. Leah's heart sinks In her chest, and she lets out the most blood-curdling cry I have ever heard, the sound of a heart being broken. "No," She cries, But Harry nods, "it's true." He says. "I can't go with him," She cries, and then she slams the door.

Harry's POV

Isaac comes racing over to me and he bloodies my nose. "Get back into your house, and never bother me again and I won't bother you. You are useless," He screams, shoving me towards my property, and I don't resist. But I do start to cry.


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