Alone in the World

this story is about a young girl living in a world where people are dying one by one


1. the world is being

It is an early each day's morning, Ida stand up she can hear the noise down, that comes from the kitchen. Now she knows what is or inform whoever it is. This is her parents and she now what they talk about. They talk about her, and why she not have make her homework again, she now it and she now that was her father there started it. He have such high expectations for her, but she cannot do all this, is so hard she don’t will this more never ever more. She puts thoughts down and get ready for the trouble she will get.  Sure enough, Ida comes down and what smoker who is in her face ​​why this and why the other. Ida don´t listening, she take her things and go her way. She can hear the shouts at her but does not care, she wants to get away, away from everything and everyone. Even her lovely brother and her beloved dog, she will just away, her dog can protect her brother. She doesn’t want more, Ida run and run, she don´t know where she was going, she just running. Ida have run sow long time, that she falls on, she can don’t run more where is she. Ida lock around but there are noting to see only wasteland no houses and no life. What she do now where does she sleep there are nothing to do she will die here there now people on this time of the day there will drive this way she will never come back again she is alone in the world. Ida lies down and sleeps. The sun goes down the moon coming up and the stars shining over the wasteland and Ida is alone with all the wild animals.


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