Truly taken

Harry and Louis have been trying to adopt for half a year but couldn't because of their sexuality, when they get the chance will it result in a better relationship or a single parent


1. chapter 1

"She's beautiful isn't she"

"We are so lucky to have her"


"Now are you a couple or family" the social worker asked

I looked at Louis as he grabbed my hand lifting it up to show her our entangled fingers

"Couple" Louis replied

I looked at Louis beaming smile

"Ok then, sign this and let's go look at your daughter"

Louis and I walked hand in hand to the baby room to see our 2 week old daughter

"We need a name, boys" the social worker asked

I looked at our baby girl,

"Darcy, Darcy Rose Tomlinson"

"Are you sure babe"

"No, I'm certain" I said as I leant in and pecked Louis soft lips

I felt a smile emerge on Louis lips as I pulled away to see the worker staring at us wide-eyed

"Sorry" Louis said

I looked at her and back to our baby

"When will we get her, Miss" I questioned

"Tomorrow, noon at the latest"

She held out her hand and Louis took it pulling her into a hug instead

"Ooh" she mumbled

"Thank you so much for letting us do this, Miss Frank, not many people let us adopt because of our sexuality" Louis said sadly, loosening his grip on the worker

"Oh that's quite alright boys, I can tell right now you are going to be great fathers, oh and call me Evie" she said

Evie gave Louis a card and stood by him continuing her walk back to the main room.

We both hugged each other and looked into the tiny room filled with baby girls, just like ours

"Hopefully they will be lucky enough to have a father as great as you Lou"

Louis smiled and grabbed my hand once more before tugging me up the children's corridor

"I can't believe we're going to be fathers, I've got to call mum and the girls" Louis squealed excitedly

I opened the driver door and pulled out my keys

"Mum, you will never believe it, Harry and I are going to be fathers" Louis talked excitedly

All I heard was squeals as I pulled out of the car park and onto the main road

'Tomorrow, we are going to have a baby, our baby' I though to myself

Louis ended the call and turned to me


"Yes babe"

"We have nothing"

I pulled up at the red light and turned to face him

"Your right, how are we going to do this with nothing" I replied slightly panicking

"Go" Louis told me as I started driving again

"We'll text Lou when we get home and see of she has any things she could let us borrow, ok"

"Sound like a plan Lou" I said releasing my shoulder from the way they had been

To Lou :p

Hey Louis and I were wondering if you have and spare baby furniture and stuff we could have

From Harry

To Harry (:

Yeah, I've got loads, why what's the big secret

From Lou :p

To Lou :p

Well come over and we'll tell you, together

From Harry

To Harry (:

Ok be there in a bit xx

From Lou :p

I slid my phone into my pocket and retired to the lounge laying my head on Louis lap


"She said yes, but she doesn't know why, she'll be here soon"

"Sweet, I still can't believe it though" Louis said shaking his head

"I know, me either" I said back before sitting up and kissing Louis once again

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