Vampire Hunt : Awake!

Landwill-everything normal but when three very strong conected people come to that small city everything change in the moment.Mario,Nina and Leo are those three people who will change the whole city in one minute.They will think that its easy to live without any problems there but they are wrong.500 years old girl and boys are gonna have a lot of troubles in Landwill.What will happend?Through what are they gonna need to get through to get a normal life in Landwill without any pain and without tears?Read the story to find out what is going to happend.





"Come on buddy we have to go!"I yelled from down stairs to my little boy Justin to prepare faster for leaving on a dinner with miss and mister Lorens.

"Coming mommy!"I heard him yellin from up stairs.He have only 9 years old and he is already strong enough to handel that he has no dad.He died in a fire while trying to save people out of diying inside of the house.Finnaly he came down smilling like crazy.

"Are we going mommy?"He said in his sweet little voice.But something was wrong he smelled strange.I came close and...oh no he didn`t.

"Justin Silver,you didn`t!"I smelled his neck once again "why did you sprayed my perfume for god sake?!"I yelled he blushed and then i bursed in laughter and because of that he blushed even more.

"Oh i know its because of that girl...daughter of miss ans mister Lorens isn`t it?"I said and he slightly looked down shyly.I just smiled and took out man perfume and sprayed over my perfume on his neck.

"Sorry mommy i just like her and you never bought me perfume because you say it`s too late for me to have perfume."He said looking deep into my eyes.I smiled and gave him the bottle of man perfume.

"Well i wanted to give you this one for your birthday tomorrow but it look like you need it now more than tomorrow."He took it all happy and hugged me tighter than ever.Tomorrow is his 10th birthday and he is really excited for it and i am too i mean my son is growing up and i`m excited that he is gonna be man.I stood up,took his hand and walked out of the house.People in the village were pretty good so no one didn`t need to lock the house and also there was a lot of people living in the same house so there wasn`t any reason to worry about.We walked through the village smilling happily.We were close to the house and the Justin startted preparing to get inside of the house.Preparing his hair and cleaning his clothes.I chuckled on the way he was doing it but all of a sadden the door flew open and miss and mister Lorens got out with a little girl age like Justin holding misses hand.They smiled at us and i smiled back as well Justin did too.We started walking up the stairs out side to them.

"Nice to see you,Nina.It`s been a long time,isn`t it?"Miss Lorens said with a huge smile on her face.

"Well acording to the fact that our houses are not to far from each other we could`ve seen but unfortunatlly my son Justin and i we were on a trip so yeah it`s been a long time since we haven`t seen."I said and it was pretty smart from which is not that usual for me.I don`t like smart talks.

"Well thats true."Mister Lorens said "Let`s get inside the dinner is ready"he continued while smiling he pointing to the open door to me and Justin get inside.We got inside and walked into dinning room it was like every dinning room in village.Huge.Our village is pretty rich i think we are the most richest people in the city.The table was ready and the food was on it.We sat down on chairs and startted the prayer...well mister Lorens did we just closed our eyes.I felt like something is about to happen when we get out of the house but i ignored it.Mister Lorens finnishe and we all started eating and talking.It was night so the light was slowly falling and the candels were burning in night.My stomach streched and started hurting so i suggested to we go home.

"I think it`s too late and Justin has to sleep.So i suggest we should go."I smiled at them and they smiled back.They are pretty good people since we knew whole village they were the only one who was good and not wanting anything back by helping us.

"Justin sweety we should get going it`s too late."I said he just looked at me with a sad exprecion on his face.He didn`t wanted to go because of the little girl i had to go when he just had the power to talk to her.I think its really sweet but we really had to go.He just nobbed his little had and stood up.I stood up too as well did miss and mister Lorens.

"It was really nice but it`s midnight and that`s to much late for Justin.We had a great time."I smiled once again.

"No it was our plessaure having you on the dinner.See you tomorrow on party."We got out and Justin ran in front of me.Before i could leave the house i heard the horses stop and the kids scream and then stop.I ran outside to see my little baby Justin laying on the ground covered with blood.

"Justin!!!!!!"I screamed running to him.I held his head on my lap while tears were stearming down on the ground.I couldn`t believe that God took my baby only thing i lived for.

"Why God,Why did you took him from me!Please don`t take him from me!I`m begging you!"I yelled looking in the sky.

"Mommy?"i heard him say in heavy voice hard breathing.I looked at him.

"Honey stay with me we have to celebrate your birthday don`t leave me.Please!"He just took my hand and closed his eyes saying


"I LOVE YOU TOO BABY BOY."i said now broken in tears.He wasn`t moving anymore saying.He became cold and i just couldn`t keep it inside.I came closer to his forhead kissed it and said

"Happy Birthday,Baby boy.Your mommy will love you forever."Tears were going out of my eyes with unlimited speed.Like crazy.That`s when other people came and moved me from his dead body.I was scared and sad.I couldn`t breath.They draged me into my house and into my bedroom so i can sleep.Than they left.I cried myself to sleep but it still didn`t worked.
      Next morning i stood up from my bed and went down stairs just to lock the doors so no body can come in.I closed the windows and put the curtains over.I didn`t want anyone to see.I wasn`t crying anymore i had dried tears on my face.I walked down in basement and oppend the old coffin.Vampire blood.If i can`t be with my son than i don`t need life like a human.I took a sipp from bottle and killed my self.I can`t take it anymore.I`m never going to be same again.Without my son i`m nothing and no one.After i stabbed myself in stomatch everything went black.

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