Vampire Hunt : Awake!

Landwill-everything normal but when three very strong conected people come to that small city everything change in the moment.Mario,Nina and Leo are those three people who will change the whole city in one minute.They will think that its easy to live without any problems there but they are wrong.500 years old girl and boys are gonna have a lot of troubles in Landwill.What will happend?Through what are they gonna need to get through to get a normal life in Landwill without any pain and without tears?Read the story to find out what is going to happend.


4. Hard Thing

Vampire Hunt 4.-Hard thing
"Mommy?"I could hear his voice in the middle of wood.I turned around and smiled of thought that his here.

"Baby boy?Where are you?"I said in higher voice.Then i saw him he grew up.So much i couldn`t believe i could ectually see him all grown.
"I`m not baby anymore,mommy.I grew up."He had light blue hair his same eyes were the same color as i remember.That`s him in grown up version.He was wearing dark blue jeans v-neck shirt and leather jacket like Mario got and he had tattos all over his both hands and there was my picture on his sholder.
"You grew up so much.I did not expect that i would ever see you again,baby boy.Oh,sorry it`s just that you are my baby boy since ever.But you are dead what are you doing here?"I teared up a little but he then came closer and wipped my tears away.
"I`m not dead you just have to look for me.I know you never gave up on finding me and i will never give up either.I love you mommy!"He said and disapered.I shook my head and got myself straight.
   I woke up from someone shaking me.It was Leo.He was somehow worried.
"Thank God you didn`t go crazy because from what you were saying it was pretty scary for me.And Mario is smiling like crazy that i don`t know the reason for."He then said.
"Well what happend?"I slowly stood up.Looking at Mario laying on bed and realy he was smiling like crazy and it was scary.You  are probably thinking why am i talking like i`m not a monster or vampire because for people we are monsters who are killing people.So,the thing is i`ve have never in my life wanted to hurt anyone.But i am who i am and i have to act like that.A monster.I have changed because of the blood that i drank.
"Mario,what`s going on are you okay?"I waved my hand in front of his face to see if his alive he turned and looked at me with his brown eyes.
"I`m fine don`t worry."He finnally said in kinda happy voice.I raised my eyebrows a little bit.I`m suprised that he is this much happy and his not usually happy i mean he is but not this much like now.Leo moved aside so i could walk by to Mario who was still looking happy?
"Alright let`s see what we can do to wake him up from his day dreaming."I walked to freezer and took a cold cold water.Opened it and trough it on Mario.It hitted him right on the head.He shook his head and opened his mouth in `o`.Now i was scared he got mad ups,ma bad.I than covered my mouth and when i saw him starting to run i ran too not wanting him to catch me.As i kept running i was laughing almost forgetting about what Justin told me.I stopped.Looked back and Mario was there.My smile failed and his too.Now we were both serious and i started to cry.He hugged me tight not wanting to let go and i wasn`t either.I felt like empty box nothing was inside of me and i just wanted it to stop.His dead and i can`t do anything,but what he said was feeling so real.We were in the middle of the street and people were looking at us but i didn`t cared about it.I just wanted to see him.His face again.Even though i forget how he looked like.Oh,God how did this happend.I only remember what he said to me and the tattoo on his arm.
"Your okay,baby girl.I promise."Mario said in calming voice.
"But what did he wanted to say by `You just have to look for me`?"I said pulling away from hug.
"Well can you remember of something else he said how he looked like?"Looking deep in my eyes he said in serious voice.
"No nothing i thought i would remember it but i can`t it`s just so hard to remember."I said.We were staring into each other eyes for what felt like forever.

"I know it`s hard but at least we know what he said,right?"He said.

"Your right."I said in weak voice.We pulled away,i felt two arms wrap around my waist and whisper in my ear.

"You just have to look for me,i`m close to you."It said and then i couldn`t feel anything.I got mad for some reason and started running with Mario and Leo running behind me.I don`t know why but from when i turned into vampire my whole life changed.I stopped by a store and looked up.To the sky.The sun was shinning in my face making it hot.My serious face was probbably scaring everyone in this town.But what can i do when everytime i want to look like a normal girl it seem like i fall down and start all over again.A vampire.Hard Thing to explain,but i have never even tried to explain.I shoke from my thoughts,looked over to Mario and Leo,they were on the door of the groceries waiting for me.I cleared my throat changing my voice to an angelic one.So nobody find out.We got inside and started searching for stuffs we need.Toothbrush,tooth paste,etc.We found everything we needed,bought it and walked out of the store.But now something smelled different from outside.It smell like the perfume.Then it hit me.My sons perfume.I dropped the bags down and started running to get him,running for the smell,everything that i was dreaming this morning got into my life and i saw it again,my son and my husband in the chair.While my husband was singing to his son for him to fall a sleep.I heard the song,i heard it all.I ran and ran.

'I prayed the God every day that you keep that smile.'

The song.His song.Our song.And he was singing it.Maybe i will finnally see my son alive and healthy.I stopped running for some reason in front of the person that was facing his back to me.My eyes were setting on fire while looking at the leather jacket that is the same as in my dream.My tears were deep inside of me and didn`t want to get out.I wanted to touch him but it was hard to get closer to him.He was tall and had muscles.

"Turn around."My voice demanded like it was my worst enemy in front me.

He did as i said and looked at me.My breath hitched at the back of my throat.


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