Vampire Hunt : Awake!

Landwill-everything normal but when three very strong conected people come to that small city everything change in the moment.Mario,Nina and Leo are those three people who will change the whole city in one minute.They will think that its easy to live without any problems there but they are wrong.500 years old girl and boys are gonna have a lot of troubles in Landwill.What will happend?Through what are they gonna need to get through to get a normal life in Landwill without any pain and without tears?Read the story to find out what is going to happend.


3. Fire


I was hurten at this moment and all i could do was run and hunt.It`s the best thing to do but that`s only thing i can do after who i am.We are running in darknes of woods and i just can`t breath anymore so i stopped.What is going on with me i`m not tired.I`m never tired of running.This is the first it is happening to me.But ignored it and ran again.I can`t see Mario and Leo.Where are they?I`m looking everywhere but still nothing when i smelled something behind me.Oh,no not again.I said to my self and slowly turned around.Werewolf with dark eyes.Hungry. Probably and i am the perfect bite for him.In that moment smirk appeared on my face.I came down to his high and looked him deep in eyes now he was scared.I could see something different in his eyes.My eyes turned into red color.My teeth now were more sharper than ever.I was ready to get him.We are fighting now our eyes are fighting with  unprecedented fire.I started to open my eyes when puff...he started running.I ran after him knowing that i can catch him and i did.I took him with my hand and trew him to tree.He dropped to ground in pain.While punching him i found peace of wood and stabbed him in heart.I killed him.While eating him sucking his blood in pleasure,Leo and Mario appeared behind the tree.I oppend my eyes and looked at them.They had smile on their eyes.I smirked and got back on my food.Ah,blood was so good.I love it.It`s not really good thing hunting sometimes you have to fight to get your food but sometimes is easy.But anyway we have to do it because Leo drinked all food that we had.
"So we ate now you eat and let`s go for tonight is done."Mario said.Smart ass.He is always like that always saying smat stuffs.I mean and i am sometimes smart but that`s when i want to be smart but that`s not very often.I sucked the last peace and stood up.Cleaned my lips and fixed my hair.It`s messy.To much messy for me.I smiled and they did too.We started walking out of the wood talking.
"So your not sad anymore i mean your not mad anymore.From park you were running even faster than me?"Mario said as i was fixing my leather jacket.My smile failed looking in sky i sad.It was full moon then it came to my head.That`s why i had to eat werewolf becauese they changed tonight.
"It`s not easy you know it hurts looking at other children and not having your kid behind and play with him,but we can`t do anything."I faked smile.They both put their hands in pockets and just nobbed.We met when we were little kids and since then they know my all secrets and they are the one that i can tell everything.We walked like that in silence trew the woods and trees.But then i saw the dark shadow deep inside of the woods.I looked better but couldn`t see anything.
"Can you two see that?"I pointed to the dark shadow and they nobbed their heads.
"Is someone there?"I asked gettin closer.It was moving too closer and closer.And then it came enough close so i can see it.It was some man with the trigger.Animal hunter.
"What are you kids doing here?"He asked.Putting the trigger on his sholder.He was wearing hunter clothes you know everything green.
"Umm,we kinda lost."Lie.We didn`t we know this place better than he know what is in his pants.
"Well let`s then get you out of here."He said leading us and we followed "Oh and did you saw a wolf or something like that i lost his view?Can`t find him anywhere."He continued.I smiled not looking at him.
"Ahh is he your wolf or you are hunting him?"I questioned.I killed but i can`t say that.
"I`m hunting him almost whole night."I gasped in rellef but in silent so he wouldn`t hear me.Took a deep breath.
"No we didn`t but what we did heard shooting deep in woods."I said and could smell human blood.
"Mister,are you hurt?"Leo said he felt it too.He took his hands out of the pockets and covered nose.
"Oh it`s nothing."Oh God that`s his blood.I don`t want to kill him but if i feel it again i don`t think i will able to handle fire inside of me but thank God he cover him self and it was still there but less.We could see the lights on street and feel the hard ground under foots.The guy left when we were on street.I looked over to where Leo and Mario were.Leo took off his hand and put it back to his pocket.Mario was just standing there.I moved my head to the road and started walking.The city was quiet nothing was hearing.The light on the street was shining brightly trying to keep the light on street as much longer as possible.They were behind and i was on front.I was thinking of a lot of stuffs.Would Justin be still alive if i didn`t let him ran in front?A lot of questions were on my mind that i don`t even have answer on.I wish i do have answers.How our life be if he was still alive?One question was always on my mind.And else wasn`t matter.I knew that that is going to happen but it`s my falt that i ignorred it and it is my falt because he died in my arms.I miss him there is no second that i don`t think of him even for a second.I can see him everywhere.I missed our fights about perfume.I still got the bottle that he was hollding in his little hands and i still can feel his arms around my neck hugging me.It come to me to cry when i just remember all the times that we spend together.All songs that i sang to him to sleep.I miss his smile when he`s happy.He was happy boy.I miss his dad and him cuddling dad`s chair.I miss those times of happiness.I really do from the bottom of my heart it feels like i can steel see them.Nothing have left of them.When i turned into vampire i tried to make them come back but nothing worked.After all i tried and i wish i could do it again but i can`t.Missing it is the worst.
"Were here."Mario shock me out of my thoughts.I nobbed and got inside of the hotel.Find our room and got in.I changed into pj`s and hopped below the bedclothes.I don`t know what they done put i closed my eyes and heard that Leo and Mario got in bed.
"Good Night,Leo.Good Night,Nina."Mario whispered.
"Good night,Mario.Good Night,Nina."Then Leo whispered.
"Night to both of you now sleep."I said in normal voice.We all fell a sleep quickly.
             The Fire was gone,There is no Fire anymore!

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