Vampire Hunt : Awake!

Landwill-everything normal but when three very strong conected people come to that small city everything change in the moment.Mario,Nina and Leo are those three people who will change the whole city in one minute.They will think that its easy to live without any problems there but they are wrong.500 years old girl and boys are gonna have a lot of troubles in Landwill.What will happend?Through what are they gonna need to get through to get a normal life in Landwill without any pain and without tears?Read the story to find out what is going to happend.


1. Coming!


 For many centuries vampires were hunting cities but then they disappear and nobody knew where they were.Nobody knew how they look alike when everything changed in one second.

   It was just a normal day for everyone in Landwill.People were going to their works not thinking what could happend next and what will happend.Walking or driving a car doesnt matter anymore they were happy or at least they looked like that.Everything seemed normal and everyone but just three people weren`t like all the rest of the people in the city.Two boys or mans no one knew and the girl.Separated but still looked too close.Hands in pockets,black clothes,red lipstick,and dark make-up.They looked scary too scary it seemed like they were hidding dark secret that no one would ever imagine of.They were bad for everyone around but they didn`t care of it.One look could change everything that was going on that morning.Everything was perfect and then it was like someone stopped the time,kids were watching at each other and then back at Them.They came out of nowhere with serious look on their faces.But then she stopped walking.

"We should look for some house if we mean to stay"she said what seemed like angel was talking with a sweet voice she looked at office for real estate.They both looked at her confused and what sound like whisper one of them said

"We don`t even know are we going to stay much long in this city"She looked at him trying to tell him something just with look.

"Yeah but how ever we have to stay somewhere,Mario.Nina is right.We can`t stay in woods its too dangerous that`s why we came here right."Other one said to as he named him Mario.

"Alright,you two desided not me."Mario held up his hands in defend.the guy and Nina started to walk in but Mario stopped them "But why don`t we just get a room in hotel and then if we see that is working than let`s just buy the house and problem sold."He stopped them from entering.They both thought for a second

"Well that`s ectually a good idea you know,Leo!We could stay at some hotel.No one could find us and no one will know about us that we are in the city!"She said to the guy next named Leo.They all started walking again now they didn`t stopped.But now with more mysteriously than before.They walken in hotel and reserved one room with three beds.Nina walked in shower and the two of them talked.

     I was having a nice bath while Leo and Mario were talking about usual stuff.Food of course.They LOVE to eat even thought we are not like other vampires to already have ready blood.We have to hunt food on our own.Yeah,we are vampires but i don`t think thats a big deal being a vampire.I got out of the shower and put a towel around me because my all clothes was outside in my bags.I got out of the bathroom not looking at them talking.I took my clothes and left to bathroom to change.While i was changing i was listening to them talking.I heard them now talking about my body even though the walls were pretty big i heard them.So i looked outside and looked at them.

"Stop talking about me i hear you!"I said and went back to bathroom to finnish preparing for hunt because i really dont want to look like some kind of idiot hunting in rainbow clothes.I put on black skinny jeans,black shirt,my lovely black shoes that have helped me million times now and my well known black leather jacket.My regular dark make up and red lipstick i am not going anywhere without my red lipstick.I looked at myself once again and finnaly got out.

"Oh thank god your done does it take that much long to get ready when your going to EAT!"Leo said.I smirked and rolled my eyes.

"What i have to look good not like you.Uncleaned!"He gave me a death glare and ran to me.Pushed me on wall and i looked at him.He then stopped Mario startted laughing.We both looked at him with red eyes but honestly they were red of blood almost coming out.Our teeth were seeing now.

"What`s so funny,Mario?!"We both said at the same time.He stopped laughing and took a deep breath.

"Oh,nothing just the fact that Leo never could touch you,Nina."He said and layed down on the bed with his hand under head.I ran on top of him and Leo was behind.

"That`s true but the better fact is that i`m even better than you."I whispered getting close to his head.He smirked.

"I was always better than you and i will always be sorry for but i am.Maybe i`m not that good at hunting but for sure i can RUN faster than you can."With that he ran out side.I made my mouth in "O" formation and smiled then ran after him while Leo was folowing.Poor boy he was always last.We ran so fast that no body could see us just feel the wind that we were making in July.Summer and it was cloudy because of us.And don`t ask your self we can do even more than just make the whole city cloudy.Thinking that is going to rain.While running i looked at one park near and stopped.Tears startted forming while looking at the kids playing around.Mario and Leo came by my both side and hugged me.

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