My best friend

My best friend bought tickets to a concert. She faked being sick and told me to go with someone else. What happens at the concert will stay with me forever. Things will change and in the end I will become famous...



"MUM, IM GOING TO THE COFFEE SHOP WITH AMY!" I shouted as I got dressed in black leggings, a black singlet, maroon beanie, black original high top converses and my maroon woolen jumper (unbuttoned) because it was really cold in London at the moment. I couldn't be bother to do anything with my hair so I just left it down.

As I was putting on my makeup (I keept it simple by just putting on mascara and some light pink lipstick) I heard mum shout "OK HONEY THERE IS $50 ON THE BENCH AND YOU HAVE TO BE HOME BY 2:00PM. IM GOING TO WORK NOW. OH AND BIANCA I WONT BE HOME UNTIL 11:00PM!". Great, I thought to myself. I heard the front door slam shut and I quickly finished of my makeup.

I race downstairs and and grab my canvas bag and head out the door. The Coffee Shop was around two streets down from my house so I decided to walk there instead of driving my Getz. It took me fifteen minutes to get there. When I got there Amy, my best friend, was sitting the window booth-our favourite seat.

"Hey girly," I call to her as I reached the booth. "Hey B," Amy greeted me as she looked up from her iPhone. B was the nickname she gave me when we were five. "Who you texting?" I ask her. "My mother," she sighs. Her mom is always over protective and Amy gets really annoyed. I slide in across from her. "Hey B, guess what!" Amy said suddenly. "What?" I answer. Just as Amy was going to tell me the waiter comes up to us. "Are you ready to order?" We order our coffees.

Halfway through my extra strength coffee, I remember that Amy was just about to tell me something. I quickly remind her about it. "Oh yeah. What was it again? Umm...I got it! Mum bought two tickets to the one direction concert thats on in one month and I was wondering..." Before Amy had the chance to finish what she was saying I interrupted her by screaming REALLY loud and jumping up from my seat. Everyone in The Coffee Shop started staring at us. I blush and sit back down again. I look over to Amy and she was laughing. "So I guess thats a yes then?" She asks. "YES!!!"

We had almost finished our coffee when someone came up to them. "Excuse me can I sit here?" I look up. Oh. My. God. He was HOT, and I mean smoking HOT! "Ermm, sure," I answer. "What's your name?" The guy asks. We tell him our names and ask him what his was. "It's Ty, short for Tyson. I'm new around here. I just enrolled into Southern Way Highschool," He says. "That's where we go!" Says Amy. "Oh. That's rea-" He was just about to tell us something when my phone rang. The caller ID said it was mum. "Sorry, I have to get this," I say as I step outside. "Hi mum! What's wrong?" I ask. "Well I'm sorry to say this Bianca darling but I have to go to Manchester for two weeks and I leave tonight. I'm home right now so if you want to come and say goodbye then come home quick. I love you honey. Bye." Call ended. I sigh." I love you too mum."

I walked back into The Coffee Shop and found Ty and Amy in deep conversation. "Hey guys? I'm gonna go home now because mum leaves in an hour to go to Manchester for two weeks. So I guess I'll see you at school tomorrow. Bye," they replied with a simple "bye" and went back to their conversation.

I unlock to door and walk in. In the hall I see mums suitcase. "Mum?" I call out to her. I get an answer about two seconds later. "I'm in here honey!" Her voice calls out from the kitchen. I walk in and see her at the table sorting out stuff for work. Well, accually, it looks like she was packing it up. "Hi sweety, I have to leave in ten minutes. Just wanted to say goodbye to you before I go. Lily, from next door, said she would come and see you everyday after school just to make sure you're alright. If you want to go out after school you tell her, ok?" She asks me. I understand why she's worried but she shouldn't be because it's not like she hasn't left alone before. A couple of months ago mum went to Ireland for three weeks, so I'm not that worried.

The taxi comes to pick up mum and I say bye. She hops into the taxi and I go back inside. I call up Amy and tell her she can stay over. Just as I was about to order pizza the doorbell rang. Wow, I thought, she got here quick. When I opened the door I found out that it wasn't Amy. It was Ty and his family. "Hi, is your mother or father home?" A lady, who I am assuming is Ty's mum, asked me. " mum just left for work," I answer. "And your father?" She asks. "Umm...he died when I was two..." I say uncomfortably. "Oh. Well we just came to inform you that we are your new neighbours," Ty's dad says. "Welcome to the neighbourhood," I smile at them. "Thankyou!" Says who I think is Ty's little sister. They started walking back down the path when Amy pulls up.

After ten minutes of explaining why Ty was at my house I remembered to order the pizza. We got got changed into our pjs and the pizza came ten minutes later. We decided that we'd watch White Chicks. We ate the pizza and I got up to get popcorn. After the movie we went asleep in the lounge room.

We woke up at seven since we had school. Amy brought her school clothes and her school bag with her so she got changed in the bathroom. It was about 20 degrees today so I decided to wear my high waisted shorts, a black singlet, a white lace cardigan with no buttons and black vans. She put her mid back length brown hair in a high ponytail. For makeup she just put on mascara and pink lipstick,

I walked down stairs to find Amy waiting at the door. We head outside and Amy jumps in her car and takes off while I put the trash in the bin. I jump in my car and drive off to a boring day of school. Even though I hate school I always get A's.

I arrived at school ten minutes later. I go to my locker (which is right next to Amy's locker) and get my books for first period. "Hey," someone says behind me. I turn around and find Tyson behind me. "Hi," I say. It's kind of awkward being around him because I was forced to tell him my father died. The only people at school that know my father died are Amy, a few of the teachers and now Ty. "Bianca?" He says with a worried tone. "Yea?" I can't help but be annoyed. I knew what was going to come next. Apologising. "I'm sorry about yesterday. If I had known, you know, about..." His voice trailed off. I was right, he was going to apologise. He was going to say something else when I cut him off. "It's fine. Don't worry about it." He was going to say something else when the bell rang. "Well we better get to class or we'll be late," I say. All he said after that was a simple "alright". Ok. That was awkward.

Finally lunchtime came and I got pizza from the canteen. I make my way over to the back seats where Amy and I usually sit. All the two seaters where gone (uses up by love sick couples) so I had to get a four seater. I start eating my pizza when Amy comes with her lunch (chicken nuggets and chips). We were halfway through our lunch when someone came up to our table. "Can I sit here?" Without looking up at who it is, Amy immediately says yes. I sigh. She said that it would just be us two today. The person sat down next to me and I finished off my third slice of pizza. I finally look up and discover that the person sitting next to me is Ty. I get up and put the rest of my lunch in the bin.

Classes are over so I get in my car and go home. When I pull into my driveway I see that the garage door was open. What the hell? I go next door to see if Lily or her husband is next door but they're not. I sigh for what seems like the hundredth time today. I have to go to my neighbours on the left. Ty's house. I run over there and knock on the door. Ty answered the door. "We'll look who we have here," he said smugly. Then he saw the look I had on my face. "Bianca? What's wrong?" He sounded concerned. " garage door was open and I didn't leave it open this morning. I...I'm scared. Only I have the garage door remote because mum left hers at home..." I think I start crying at this point. "Ok let's go to your house and see if anyone's inside," he says. I just nod. We walk over to my house and I get out the key. Ty opens the door for me. When I look inside I gasp. "Oh. My. God," I cannot believe my eyes...

"Luke? Is that you?" I swear I'm going to vomit. "WHAT THE HELL?! HOW DID YOU GET IN MY HOUSE!" I was yelling at him now. I fell like im gonna faint. "Oh. Hi Bianca and...Bianca you never told me you had a boyfriend!" He looked confused and angry. "How could you cheat on me like that?!" Now he's making me angry. "Excuse me? If I recall correctly YOU cheated on me! Besides he's not my boyfriend, hes my neighbour! Also you didn't answer my question, WHY ARE YOU IN MY HOUSE!" I'm going to kill him in a minute. "Umm...well my friend said your mum was away and I just thought that we could you know..." He's trying to sound innocent. I finally snap. "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!!" That sent him running. And with that I faint.

I woke up on the couch. What the hell happenend to me? Then all the memories come flooding back to me. I see my phone on the table. I check the time and it reads 9:30PM. Crap. I have to call Lily and...that's when I relise I'm not the only person in the room. I turn around and see Ty asleep on the other couch.

I get up to make myself something to eat. There's nothing in the fridge. I have to go shopping tomorrow. I order some pizza because I am starving. Ten minutes later the doorbell rings. I pay the pizza guy and when I turn around Ty is waking up. "Hey," I say awkwardly. "Hi," he sounded confused. Then he remembered where he was. "Umm...about before. Luke wa-" he cut me off. "It's fine you don't have to tell me." Then room is has a really awkward feeling. "Ok," I say in a whisper. He looks at me with what I think is a sad look. I offer him some pizza and we eat in silence. "I better get home. Mums probably wondering where I am." I say bye and run off to bed.

A month quickly went by with nothing happening. It was the night of the One Direction concert. My phone started ringing and the caller ID read Amy. I picked it up and before I had the chance to say hi and started crying. "I can't go to 1D concert because I'm really sick, like throwing up and stuff. You can have the tickets if you find someone to go with you...I'm really sorry B." And with that she hung up. I didn't even get to say anything to her.

I run next door and knock on the door. Ty oped the door. "What are you doing your pajamas?" Crap. "Umm...I was wondering if you'd go to a concert with me?" I ask. "Sure." I tell him I'd come back to his house in half an hour. I go back home and put on a light blue high waisted skater skirt, a white singlet and my white vans.I put my hair into a high pony tail and I did my makeup (light blue eyeshadow, mascara, black eyeliner, red lipstick and light pink blush. When I think I'm finished getting ready i run downstairs and grab my bag and I lock the doors as I go outside.

I go next door and knock. Ty opened the door. "!" I start giggling. "Let's go!" I say to him. We decided to catch the train so we walked to the train station. We got there an hour early so we got to to the very front. Soon the place was crowded and One Ditection came on. Over the music I heard Ty shouting at me. "YOU DIDNT TELL ME THAT THIS WAS A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT." He was grinning now. I just smirked at him. When I turned back to the stage I saw that we were on the kiss cam. I turn to Ty and he grinned at me. Then we both leaned in and kissed. The kiss started getting deeper and then we broke apart. "I just have to go to the toilet," I say to him. I think he nods.

I walk into the bathroom and I see something unexpected...

I know I sucks but it's my first story. Tell me what you think:)

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