Hi my name is Diana I have bright blue eyes and curly blonde hair.
I've been tossed around like a parcel for most of my life never knowing where I belonged all because my dad didnt have time to look after me since my mum died.
Then one day I get a call that I was not expecting!


4. SCHOOL!!!


Diana's Pov

I wake up to the frantic beeping of my alarm telling me its time to get up. I flip the covers off and slowly get out of bed. I take two steps before my bedroom door bursts open causing me to have a little panic attack.

"MOURNING!!" Harry yelled his curls all over the place like he had just woken up.

"TIME TO GET READY FOR SCHOOL!!" Niall yelled as he jumped on my bed. Both of them were still wearing their pjs.

"Yeah well I need to get ready so...can you please leave me alone for 30 minutes?" They both looked at me then smiled and left. I jumped into the shower and scrubbed all over with my strawberry body wash and washed my hair with my honey shampoo and conditioner. After I came out and dried off I ran up to my chest of draws and yanked a draw open that had T-Shirts and skirts. I picked out a nice orange shoulder top and some skinny jeans. I ran back into the bathroom and grabbed my curling iron and started to curl nice big ringlets. I jumped onto the banister and slid downstairs to be met by the smell of buring food.


"I AM" He yelled back to I skipped into the kitchen to see him behind the cooker with a spatula

"Well what are you cooking?"I said as I sat in on of the stools

"I'm making pancakes there Harrys favourite" I looked over his shoulder and it didnt look like pancakes at all instead it looked like a burning blob.

"Dad let me cook from now on" I grabbed the spatula and he looked at me a little sad

"Why?" I laughed

"Dad its a little obvious you cant cook" He laughed with me. I turned to the stove and trashed the burning blob and put some more mixture into the pan.

**Skip breakfast**

"Wow they were the best pancakes I've ever had" Harry said after licking his plate clean

"Why thank you Harry" I said while putting the rest of the plates in the sink. I looked at my watch and noticed that I was going to be late on my first day of school.

"AHHHH!!!" I screamed and ran into the living room and grabbed my car keys and bag then sped into the garage with Harry following.

"Whats wrong?" Harry asked concern clear in his voice

"nothing just were going to be late for school!" I clicked the button on the keys and a car honked near the back I ran until I came apon a purple sports car that had Diana's Sweet ride on a bumber sticker.

"WOW" I squeald and I hopped in and started the engine. I purred to life and I squealed.

"Hey could I have a lift the guys left without me and my car is broke" Harry asked very sweetly.

"Fine hop in" Harry jumps over the side and puts his seat belt on and I slowly back out of the garage and then sped off to school.





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