Hi my name is Diana I have bright blue eyes and curly blonde hair.
I've been tossed around like a parcel for most of my life never knowing where I belonged all because my dad didnt have time to look after me since my mum died.
Then one day I get a call that I was not expecting!


3. Learning Names


AN/ I will change the point of view every now and then :)


Harry's Pov

I stopped in the door way to see the other boys had stopped in their tracks and had looked up at the top of the stairs. I followed their gaze and my eyes landed on a tall beautiful girl who had long blonde curly hair and bright blue eyes. I swear it was love at first sight!

"Um Hi my name is Diana" Her voice was like music to my ears

"Hi My name is Louis and this is Zyan, Niall, Liam and Harry" Lou said and then bowed for an unknown reason causing Diana to laugh.

"Nice to meet you and has Duke told you that he's my dad?" We noded and she smiled

"Would you like to join us for a snack?" Niall asked and she jumped on the banister and slid down landing softly on her feet

"I would love to and RACE YOU THERE" She sped off into the kitchen and us just realising she had challenged us to a race stampeded into the kitchen to find her looking in the fridge

"Oh there you are slow pokes I'm making my special sausages would you like some?"

"Yes please!" We all yelled. She smiled and got out: bacon sausages cheese a pipeing bag and a blender

"What are you doing?" I asked as she threw the bacon and cheese into the blender and started it up

"Making my special mix now just watch" So we watched as she made a hole in the sausages and filled them up with the mix then wrapped them up with the leftover bacon. After letting them cook she gave each of us two but gave Niall three as he asked nicely. When I bit into the sausage the cheese and bacon spilled out into my mouth.

"WOW this is really nice!" Niall said with a mouth full of sausage

"Thanks Niall" She smiled then placed her plate in the dishwasher. I really wanted to get to know her so I took the dive and asked her

"Um Diana I was windering if you wanted to go out with me sometime not on a date or anything but just to show you around and take you to my favourite cafe?" She looked at me and smiled

"That sounds great how about saturday as we have school tomorrow" My jaw dropped. I had forgotten we had school tomorrow!!

"Oh no I forgot that we had school tomorrow!" Liam yelled and we all burst out laughing

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