Hi my name is Diana I have bright blue eyes and curly blonde hair.
I've been tossed around like a parcel for most of my life never knowing where I belonged all because my dad didnt have time to look after me since my mum died.
Then one day I get a call that I was not expecting!


5. Hi


Diana's Pov


I managed to park the car and get out just as the bell rang for tutor.

"Harry come on we have to get to tutor!!!" I screamed as I ran towards the main building.

"Well were not in the same tutor so dont worry" I looked at my time table and saw that my tutor was B13

I sped up the stairs and got there just before the teacher. The teacher arrived a few minutes later and told each of us where to sit. I sat down in my seat as a brunet with jade green eyes sulked into the room followed by a girl with short blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Dawn and Anna why are you late?" The brunet turned to the teacher and handed him a note

"Okay you may sit down behind Diana" I froze as both of their gazes locked onto me. But I relaxed when they smiled then skipped over to their seats. Halfway through the register I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned round to see the Brunet smiling

"Hi my name is Lilly but everyone calls me Liz and this is Jenny but you can call her Jen. What's your name?" I blinked a few times before my reply.

"My name is Diana" She smiled again

"I really like your name" Jen smiled

"Thanks" She nodded then looked through her timetable as they were handed out.

"What you got first Jen?" Jenny's eye scanned her's.

"Math you?" Liz smiled 

"Same how about you Diana?" My eyes roamed my table and I was happy to see that we had the same class

"Same!" They both smiled then something seemed to dawn on Jen

"What about Lottie?" Liz's eyes widened.

"Too true! You'll have to meet her as well!" I smiled. I actually had new friends already!


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