Lirry a Love Story

We were officially over, and I knew that already. It would not even make any difference if I even came to his house. He does not want me back and it's my own fault. Harry styles would never ever want anything to do with me again...


2. You´re through


Linn's perspective:

I gave him a quick hug before he ran out on stage and I stepped right next to it  so I looked out over the jury and the audience. He said hello and then Simon Cowell started talking.

" Hello! So what's your name and what are you going to sing?" Simon asked him and I gave him the thumbs up. He took a deep breath before he set up the microphone to his mouth.                      

" My name is Harry Styles and I'm going to sing Isn´t she lovely by Stevie Wonder." Harry said and I smiled to myself. It was the song he had sung to me on our first date and I suggested that he should go on the audition for The X-factor. That was a year ago and now he´s finally here. I woke up from my thoughts when I heard that Harry's sweet voice began to sing.  

" Isn´t she lovely, isn´t she wonderfull. Isn´t she precious? Less than one minute old. I never thought through love we´d be. Making one as lovely as she. But isn´t she lovely made from love." He stopped singing and I stood and smiled with the world´s biggest smile on my face, which only became bigger when I heard the crowd's cheers. They loved him as much as I do, but I just hope the judges think the same...


Harry's perspective:

" But isn´t she lovely made from love?" I finished the song and the crowd cheered loudly and some even whistled at me. I turned my gaze to Simon and the other judges in anticipation of what they had to say.

"Uhm, so Nicole what do you think?" Simon asked her and my gaze wandered to her instead. "Well I'm really glad that we had the opportunity to her your acapella cause we could really her how great your voice is." She said and I said a quick thank you back before she continued talking. "For only being sixteen years old, you have a beautiful voice."                                          "Thank you!" I said again with a small smile on my face and the crowd applauded again before Louie began to speak.                                                                                                                                       "I agree with Nicole. However I think you are too young. I do not think you have enough experience or confidence yet." He said and I felt how my smile faded and I just said a simple okay. What if I'm not as good as everyone says I am. What if I do Linn disappointed or anything!? 

"Ah yes someone in the audience did just say rubbish and I totally agree." Huh? What did Simon Cowell say? Did he said he likes me? Oh god, that I never imagined. I quickly turned my gaze towards Linn, who smiled like a fool, to show her how amazed I was over what he just said. 

Simon talked some more before it was time for them to vote and I could feel the nervousness grew. Louis began but he said no and the audience booed and I fiddled nervously with my fingers.                                                                                                                                                                "I don´t think they booed you enough there." Simon joked and everyone booed again and I just had to say my own small boo. Nicole started talking and after a while she said yes. I really hope that Simon says yes now because then it would mean that I was one step closer to my dream. I crossed my fingers while Simon said a few words before he fell silent only to say yes or no.

" You're through.!! He said shortly and everything around me stopped for a moment before I said thank you and the smile I got on my face just got bigger the closer I came to Linn. She jumped up and down in happiness before she threw herself into my arms and gave me a kiss.              "OMG Harry I can't believe You're through!" She almost shouted out of happiness and kissed me again before she hugged me tightly. 



So that was the second chapter. Hope you liked it and if it´s anything you wonder then just ask. If you like the story you are welcome to share it with others because that would make me very happy. :)





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