Lirry a Love Story

We were officially over, and I knew that already. It would not even make any difference if I even came to his house. He does not want me back and it's my own fault. Harry styles would never ever want anything to do with me again...


1. 165998


Linn's perspective:

I hurried out the door before the rest out of the class even had time to get up from their seats and I went with quick step towards my locker. Why can´t I get to run in these narrow corridors? I played in the code to the locker and threw my books in before I slammed the locker door, and rushed out the school gate.                                                                                                                   "Please tell me I have time! I have to get there before he gets in". Sure you can call me weird talking to myself but it calms me down.                                                                                                       I rounded the corner that led me to the bus stop and I saw that the bus was just about to shut the doors, I hurried up the speed and ran into the bus at the last second. I looked around the bus, that was half filled, and I chose a free seat to sit on. It started to vibrate in my pocket and I saw that I had received a text message from him.

Where are you? It's my turn soon. - Him
I'm on my way. I'll be there in time promise. I answered quickly, and a few seconds later I got a response.
Good Because I need you now. Xoxo - Him

I smiled to myself when I read the last words, and leaned back in the seat. I have named him to Him in contact list because it was he who made me happy. Me and him may not be the perfect couple as we have our up and down hills, but if you have lived next door to anyone their whole life you can´t help but love the person, right?                                                                                               

The bus stopped and I walked out the door along with a few other people. I swung in towards the city center and when I got a little closer, I began to hear a lot of screams and cheers. I stopped and looked out through the huge queue that wound around the center. I took out the cell phone and struck in his number and after a few signals I heard his calm breathing through the handset and I smiled to myself.

"Hey cutie where are you?" He said. I heard the screams in the background, so he probably had not been in yet, which was good.                                                                                                                  "Hey hottie! I'm out here." I looked out over the sea of ​​people who were in front of me but I did not see anyone that looked like him, so I looked down to the ground instead.                                   "Okay! I stand almost right at the entrance so you can just come over here." He said and I could almost see how a small smile spread across his lips.                                                                        "Okay, but can you wave and jump or something so I can see you?"                                               "Yes I can do that. Bye love you!" And with those words said, we snapped of the conversation and I began to walk in between the winding snake of people to reach him.

 Okay so how could I find him here? There is so much people. I checked out amongst them and finally I saw someone stand and jump and wave some distance away. I squinted at the person and to my relief, it was him. I started walking through the crowd again and I looked at him all the time so that I would not get lost. I'm not a big fan of crowds so when I came up to him and he closed his arms around me, it was a great relief. I looked up at him and smiled and he smiled back.

"I'm glad you came Linn." He smiled his cute smile at me and I gave him a quick kiss.
"I would not want to miss my boyfriend's audition for the x-factor." I said with a smile and poked him in the side.                                                                                                                                                   "I know but any way." He hugged me again before he released me and took a hold in my hand instead. Suddenly heard a voice on the loudspeaker and everyone's head turned towards the sound. 

"Okay number 165998 can come in now" 

Said the woman in the speaker and I turned to look at him but he just stood there staring straight out in the air.                                                                                                                                                "What is it honey?" I looked at him confused and my eyes fixed on his stomach. He had number 165998 and I gave him a reassured hug before I pulled him through the door that led to the stage.   


His perspective:

I looked at Linn, with panic in my eyes, in search for help but she just smiled at me.                         "It will be fine. You have a great voice." She kissed me lightly on the cheek before someone pulled me away so I went up on stage and I heard the crowd cheer when I entered. I stayed in the middle of it and looked at the jury that consisted of Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell. They looked thoughtfully at me and I gave them a small smile.

"Hi!" I said shortly before Simon opened his mouth and looked at me.
"Hello! So what's your name and what are you going to sing?" He asked me and I stared easy out to the audience and then I turned my gaze to Linn who gave me the thumbs up. I swallowed hard before I gathered courage and took the mic to his mouth.


This was the first chapter on Lirry a Love Story that is a story that I started writing a while ago. This is the first story that I post here so feel free to say what you think. :)


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