A Bag Of Air

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  • Published: 7 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 7 Jan 2014
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It's almost summertime and the air is getting thinner.


1. No air

I didn't know what to do. She kept on yelling my name and I could barely hear from where. I thought I was burried. It definitely felt like that. I had trouble breathing and it was hot in here. Or was it out here? I couldn't see anything anymore. Maybe it was because my eyes was closed or maybe the light had blinded me. But how could I know if I couldn't feel anything? Not even my own body. The only thing I knew was her voice. I could hear her voice from up above and I began to feel the angst of being buried alive. But I knew I wasn't. Why would I be buried and who would bury me? Maybe I was sleepwalking again. No. I stopped sleepwalking years ago and I had never gone this far.

Her voice kept on calling my name and it came closer and closer until I could hear her breath. I couldn't recognize her voice. I knew that I knew it, but I didn't knew from where I knew it. My heart jumped everytime she called my name and that was the only reason I could remember my own name. I didn't know where I was or who I was. But I was feeling hot and I recognized the voice calling my name. I was sure I had just awaken from a bad dream and maybe I was still sleeping, since I couldn't see, feel or move. I knew she would find me and wake me, and then we would go home, where ever that would be, and this would just be a bad memory. Or maybe a good one. How could I know, I didn't remembered anything?

Suddenly I felt something. It was moist and I could feel the dew go through my clothing. But I was so hot it didn't matter. I could hear my own breath. Deep and fast. It didn't sound right. I could move my fingers. My toes. I could feel the cold hair on my head. I could feel my closed eyes. Now I was sure I wasn't blind. But I was still to afraid to open up my eyes. I could hear her steps. She walked through dead leaves, puddles of water and all the mud. I was probably covered in mud. That didn't matter. I waited. With closed eyes and a dead body I waited for her to find me. Maybe we was playing hide and seek and she was calling out my name to trick me into revealing myself. Maybe I just fell and lost consciousness for a moment. Or maybe I was kidnapped and they just placed me here. Or the option that made the most sence - I was sleepwalking. For what reason I didn't knew but now I was sure I was sleepwalking again. And she was looking for me so she could bring me home. And she had almost found me.

I wanted to scream. Or at least make some noise so she would notice. But I couldn't and at first I thought I had lost my voice too. But the heat had taken it away from me. I couldn't say anything at all, not even a small sound. She just had to find me all by herself. But what if she didn't found me? Then what would happen if she just gave up on finding me and walked home, hoping that I would just come home by myself? I really hoped she would find me.

I wondered how she knew where to find me. Maybe she saw me walk this way and just followed to bring me home. Or maybe she woke up and found my bed empty, and maybe she just knew I was sleepwalking and came looking for me. I always walked to the same place. I didn't knew why. The last time I was sleepwalking was because of my mothers dead. I was so sad and I started sleepwalking to the graveyard to visit her. It took me long time to stop. And now my father had just died. Maybe that was the reason why I was sleepwalking again. And maybe I was laying on his grave. Or my mothers grave. Or right between them as I used to when I was a kid. That thought just made me smile.

And when I smiled my whole body moved. The leaves beneath me clattered and I could hear her breath taking speed. She ran so fast she could and as soon as she saw me she fell down on her knees. I could hear grief in her voice and she claimed she would never let go on me again. She shook me and I opened my eyes. Suddenly I was able to move and I sat up and looked at her. I still couldn't breathe and I was still hot. But the sound of her, my loved one, made me so glad. I hugged her tight while the sun rose and I started coughing. She smiled and gave me a bag of air. It helped me breathe and suddenly my whole body was in perfect condition again.

"The air is too thin here. Let's go home," she whispered and then we walked home through the fog.

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