When Superman meets Superwoman..... (One Direction/Louis Tomlinson/Fanfic)

Jennifer Smit is just your ordinary, crazy, a bit looney sometimes, teenage girl living in England. She moves into a flat with her three crazy best friends, that has been their dream since they were all little. One day they run into a certain British/Irish boy band whose in need of a hiding place from their fans, who were about to mob the talented band. So, as the kind girls they are, they offer the boy band to stay in their flat for a while, to let everything cool down. But what happens when some of the boys fall for the random hyper-active girls? Follow these girls through their mad adventure of love, heartbreak and new-found friendship in: When Superman Meets Superwoman......


2. Shopping!!!!

Jen's POV (Point Of View):

"White lips, pale face 

Breathing in snowflakes

Burnt lungs, sour taste 

Light's gone, day's end 

Struggling to pay rent 

Long nights, strange men 

And they say she's in the Class A Team Stuck........"

I suddenly wake up from my dream by the loud noise coming as my ringtone blasts threw the speakers of my phone. I sit up listening while relaxing to the sound. I wonder why someone would be calling me this early. But then I realise that someone is actually trying to call me so I reach over to get my phone. I see the caller ID- it's my best friend Amy.

"Hey Amy, I was kinda on a date with sleeping" I joke.

"Hahaha well know that I know you're up, I know that you're most probably not dressed or ready. So please get your lazy butt into the shower so we can go shopping for more clothes!" Amy says to me.

"But I'm tired!!!!" I whine like a 5 year old kid.

"Fine then I'm just gonna have to leave you here when our flight leaves tonight!" she jokes in a motherly tone.

"Ok Ok fine mom I'm up, see you in an hour." I say giving in.

We say our goodbyes and I shut my phone off. I get up, grab a towel and walk to my bathroom. I quickly strip down and turn on the shower waiting for it to warm up, then jump in to the warm relaxing water. I take my strawberry scented shampoo and wash my hair massaging my head, and then I wash out the shampoo out and put in the conditioner. I wash out the conditioner, turn the water off and hop out. I grab my towel and wrap it tightly around my body making sure it doesn't fall off. I walk up to the basin and grab my hair dryer. After I dry my hair, I walk back into my bedroom I quickly get dressed, pick out a pair of shoes and walk back to my bathroom, to my basin. I open the cabinet and get out my makeup bag and apply some light make up, and curl my hair lightly.

Once I'm finished I walk back to my bedroom and grab my phone and shoes. I walk down the stairs just missing the last step and almost falling flat on my face. Hahaha I'm such a klutz!!! I walk into the kitchen and grab an apple. I sit down on a chair. I unlock my phone and check what messages I have. I find that I have a BBM from my mum.

Hey Honey didn't want to wake u up because u looked tired I thought I would let u sleep. Anyway I've gone to work I'll be home by 6. C u later. Mom xxxx

I quickly typed a reply.

Thx mom I really needed that extra bit of sleep. Luv ya ;) Jen xxxx

After I sent the reply I went throw the core of the left over apple away but noticed a note on the counter.

Hey sweetie sorry had to leave early for work. Don't worry I've taken Holly and Chris to school. Mom will fetch them after school and drop them off here then leave for work again. Love you - Dad xxx

I put the note down and hear the doorbell ring. I walk to the door and open it up to see Amy waiting. Wearing a Lumo green tank top tucked into a black skirt that has ruffles on it and purple stockings on underneath with white ballet flats.

"Hey ready to go?" Amy asks.

"Ya sure let's get this show on the road!" I say in a very Peter Pan way.

And we set off to begin our long day of shopping.


A/N so??!!!! How was it? I bet it was horrible but it was only the introduction of everyone we'll kinda? Haha! I'm really sorry if there is any spelling mistakes or any errors. Please tell me if you see anything I've missed (as in spelling mistakes or errors or maby incorrect facts.) Please read my book and  comments :) I'm gonna try and work hard on it, this is technically my first book cause I didn't get far with my other books cause I either lost train of thought or I didn't think they were good enough. So I'm goona try really hard on this one :p Please don't copy from my book pllllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeee!!!!!! And if you do wish to use any of my ideas please just comment. I'm sure we could work something out :) and if anyone would be kind enough to help me with a cover cause my covers are quite ummm?... whats the word..... ehhh I'v forgoton but I know they're not great. OH!!! ive found the word. Crappy, and the same with a trailer :p please if you can I would appreciate it. Oh! And I would give you a spot in the book. Just give me what you look like and name, who's your fav in the band or it doesnt have to be in the band (eg. Ed Sheeran etc) and some contact details so I can contact you if your interested :) thx for listening -more like reading- my rant :p 

~SarahSpratz1D xxX

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