I'll Never Be But A Singer, Song Writer

There is a boy named Harry Styles, what can I say I love him, but I'll never meet him, it's his birthday soon, I guess I'll just watch all of those tweets his fans send as he replies, but he'll never reply to me. I'll just do one thing I'm good at, which is writing him a song, but do you think he'll even listen to it?.
If you want to know what will happen please continue reading


6. Chapter 5



                                                   Harry's p.o.v

       Ahhh I can't take it Mandy being around everyday it's just all she wants is fame, I am not really a nice guy I'm nice to the boys and on T.V and stuff but to like fans and stuff I don't really care I mean every girl that has gotten closer to me only wants the fame no one actually liked me for me.


     I have been a jerk to her, I want her to leave I'm doing my best to make her feel unwelcomed, the other boys adore her, I did say she is really beautiful and she is but I can't let that get to me it's just I want her to go away.


     I am now entering the tour bus and I hear Mandy on the phone and she is arguing with someone all I heard was ' no I never want to see you ever again, and no I won't go to sound check ' ' well I guess forever wasn't as long as we hoped it would be ' when she hung up she threw her phone on the bed and she stormed out without seeing me thank god.


     Who was she talking to? I went and grabbed her phone to see the last caller ID, it was someone called Marcus, oh se has been talking a lot this guy and that he hurt her or some shit I wasn't really paying attention. She seemed to be really upset and mad, and she did say she doesn't want to see him ever again. But what if I get him here and she just wants to run away from him and maybe just stop this tour? Yes that's exactly what I'm going to do, and she is going to sound check, she usually doesn't but she has missed a lot and I actually heard Julie saying to her that she should go, so yes that's my plan, I'm calling Marcus.


----------------------- When Mandy was crying after she saw Marcus


     Oh no I never thought that she would act this way, she seemed really hurt and I can't stand to see her this way I have to go apologize even though I want her to leave but now I don't I think I'm starting to like her. I have never sat there and talked to her but from the way the boys talk about her she seems to be nice.


    As I get in the tour bus Mandy says " go away Julie, I don't want to talk about it " " it's not Julie, it's Harry " " and what do you want? You want to laugh at me go ahead " " no I don't I am here to apologize " she seems to be shocked and she should I wasn't really being a nice person to her so I just continued " I'm sorry for being a jerk to you, I never really meant what I said when I said that your songs suck and Simon wasn't thinking when he signed you, you are really amazing and I recently figured it out, when I saw you crying that actually broke my heart, I regretted calling Marcus after seeing you like that, I honestly don't know what to say. I thought that you only wrote the song cause you want to be famous, and that you don't care about me, I really am sorry please forgive me? ".


    She doesn't know what to say but she finally answers " you are the one who told Marcus where I was? " I nodded and said " but  do regret it I'm really sorry " she paused for a while but said " music was my only escape, YOU were my only escape, I loved you and meeting you was like a dream come true, when I found out you were a jerk I was like a kid who found out that Santa didn't exist. The song really did come from my heart, you helped me through a lot of things, I honestly though that you were someone special, but I was wrong " I was really shocked, but all I said was " I know you think I'm not special, it's because I'm not I am really just a normal guy, I'm actually really happy I helped you through a lot I never knew that, I'm really sorry. I like you okay? That's why I even came to apologize I just figured out that you didn't care about he fame as much as you cared about music. So will you please go out on a date with me? "


     She sat there frozen, and speechless " well how can I trust you? You aren't really what I expected and you actually talked to Marcus, even though you know how much I hate him and what he has done to me, everyone here knows. I never thought you could b this evil " she finally blurted, she was right " I know an apology isn't enough, that's why I'm asking you on a date, please just let me show you that I care, that I really do like you. And what has he done? " " well he pretty much just cheated on me, abused me, controlled me, and simply made my life a living hell " " oh god I'm so terribly sorry " I said and hugged her tightly, after moments of silence Mandy finally said " 10 dates, you only get 10 dates to show me how much you care " I nodded excitedly and asked " but why 10? I mean they are good, but why specifically 10? " " well when I was younger my house got burnt down and my parents an sister died in the fire, and because I used to love my sister she was 10 years old so 10 is kinda my favorite number, I choose 10 for everything " " I am so sorry, I really don't know what to say, I never knew this, I should have never been a jerk to you I'm sorry again " and hugged her one last time before  went back to the boys while she followed close behind.


    We both agreed that we would keep pretending to hate each other and to not mention us going on a date they will ask a lot of things, and the paparazzi might know so we are trying to lay low, I just can't believe she gave me a chance I am so happy, I just love seeing her beautiful chocolate brown eyes happy, the way her eyes twinkle when she is excited I just want to prove to her that I am worth trusting and that I can make her feel safe, I want to be her escape again I want to earn her trust     


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