I'll Never Be But A Singer, Song Writer

There is a boy named Harry Styles, what can I say I love him, but I'll never meet him, it's his birthday soon, I guess I'll just watch all of those tweets his fans send as he replies, but he'll never reply to me. I'll just do one thing I'm good at, which is writing him a song, but do you think he'll even listen to it?.
If you want to know what will happen please continue reading


3. Chapter 3


                                                         Harry's p.o.v

       Today is my birthday, I'm actually kind of excited I know that the boys are making me a party, and who doesn't like parties. I am checking my twitter as usual, it's a habit I always do, I am seeing a lot of birthday wishes from fan all over the world.


        I decide to reply to a couple of the wishes, and then go to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and got out, still half asleep, I could barely see what's in front of me and there goes Louis jumping on me screaming " HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAZZA, I LOVE YOU " and gives me a big sloppy kiss. And now I'm officially up.


       After the little party Louis had done everyone came and hugged me. I am really happy to have these guys as my friends, I would have never imagined better people to be friends with. We sat in the living room just talking and then Niall popped up and said " hey how about we check the social media and see all the birthday wishes Harry had gotten " all the boys cheered and accepted the idea.


      Niall took over Ask.fm, Zayn took over Instagram, Liam took over Kik, Louis took over Twitter, and at last I took over Facebook. We kept laughing through out the journey some fans are really crazy, but I love them no matter what, I cracked up when I read the a girl named Jamey wrote " Happy Birthday there sexy panda, want a lap dance? I can do that for you " everyone was looking at me confused not until I told them about what I had just read, they laughed along and got back to what they were doing.


      I was watching a video of a girl named Sally and she was hilarious she was saying " oh hey Harry, I love YOU, HAHAHAHA sorry I'm really loud, but oh well. I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY " she said while shouting again and continued " and I wish you all the best, I just hope Boo Bear is treating you good " and pointed her index finger to the screen " so that's kinda what I wanted to say so by- " she stopped for a bit and continued " oh I forgot to say something if your pants get any tighter I think you'll get skinny pants syndrome, yea it's a disease so watch out " she giggled and waved to the camera goodbye. She is so bubbly.


     There was lots of video but what caught my attention was a video that had over 3 million likes. It belonged to a girl named Mandy. Like seriously? Did she strip or something?. I just need to check it out like now, so I opened it and there was a girl which I'm assuming Mandy saying " hey guys, I just wanted to say ' Happy Birthday to the most amazing boy in the whole world, Harry Styles ' and I can't really be there to tell him this, I'm just going to sum it all in this " and she starts singing, and it is the most beautiful and angelic voice on the planet. I am too caught up in her voice that I forgot that she is finished and se says " thank you Harry for everything you have done, I love you and wish you all the best, I love the rest of the boys of course, but it so happens to be your birthday, so I hope you enjoyed it. Bye " and waves to the camera.


     Well she did deserve the 3 million likes, she deserves even more. She freakin' wrote me a freakin' song, which is a really really great song. I must have been staring blankly at the wall for too long cause Zayn cleared his throat and said " yo Harry what's up? You've been starring at that wall for about 5 minutes now " " oh what? " I asked turning to him " what's wrong with you? " he asked again " oh no it's nothing it's just look at this video it's so amazing " I said and then leaned closer to Zayn and then said once again " oh hey everyone you might want to see this, this video is like the best thing ever " they all came closer as they watched silently.


    As I watched the video with the boys I couldn't help but stare into Mandy's gorgeous eyes, she was just simply perfect and the deep chocolate color of her eyes was just the most beautiful thing in the world, I could stare at her for minutes, hours, day, and even months and I would never get tired. I can tell that she meant every word she said and my all time favorite part is ' And all my walls stood tall painted blue But I'll take them down, take them down and open up the door for you ' .


     It's like I made her feel safe, or that I had made her better, when she sang that part she sang it with so much emotion that you can see it in her eyes, she has been hurt before but now she has found her way. That shows how strong she is.


     " Wow she is really good isn't she boys? " Niall says, they all nod shocked at how good she was, " and the song is just fantastic, way to go Harry you actually inspired a girl to write you a song, a decent song not a perverted one " said Liam we all just laughed.


----------------------------- 2 DAYS LATER


     Today Simon is hosting a party he says that he has something big to announce so yeah me and the boys are going, he insisted that we go. And it can't be that bad, at least it will get my mind off of Mandy for a while, I haven't stopped thinking about her since I saw the video.


     Lou couldn't come today she said that she has other things to do, I mean yes she works for us but we can manage without her, we have lots of people, and she's busy we can understand that. I am putting my shoes on as everyone is waiting for me, what can I say the curls need time to become as fabulous as thy are like come on.

                                                This is how we all looked like.



------------ skipping the car ride an getting there ( the party started about 20 minutes ago )



      The party was a bit boring or at least I was bored there was nothing to do I just want to go home,  only want to play video games, as I was mentally slapping myself Liam interrupted by saying " umm Harry I want you to meet someone " and turned around to a lovely ginger headed girl who had those piercing blue eyes " Harry this is Jessica, Jessica this is Harry " Liam said once again, she was kinda cute, she wasn't much of a screamer thank god, and she is no Mandy.


      Me and Jessica had been talking for a while and laughing she is sweet, but I stopped there frozen as I saw her entering the room with an other girl holding her hand, they seem a bit lost but it's like she owns the party, I can't believe it can that girl be her? Jessica sensed the way I froze as she looked the way 'm looking and her smile died down, and that girl came closer and closer and by now I know it's her I'm sure I can never forget how she looks. She is wearing this beautiful red lacy short dress that fit her perfectly and black glittery heels, her friend was wearing a black dress with a pink built on it and pink heels, but I couldn't keep my eyes away from Mandy, finally I found her. And I was this close to talking to her but someone grabbed her and got her somewhere else, she seemed to follow him, so I think 'll see her in the rest of the evening? I hope so.

                           This is what Mandy was wearing.






                                      This is what Julie was wearing







       I was really disappointed but then the lights went completely out and the music stopped and then there was a spot light on stage which revealed MANDY! holding a mic, is she going to sing? I think so yeah, I hope so I just want to hear her voice.


      She stared saying " hey everyone, so as some of you may know me as the guitar girl and some f you might not know me at all, so I would like to start off by saying my name is Mandy Stone, and this party was actually held cause of me?! Yeah I think so. See the point is that I'm gonna sing a song to you guys it's actually going to be my first single, as I am now signed off with Simon Cowell's company so I thought you all might want to her it before we upload it so here it goes it's called ' Louder ' ". And then a piano starts playing ad Mandy starts singing ( A/N : hey sorry guys yeah but um this is a song I wrote, it's not really long, it's short actually so it would mean a lot if you guys read it and tell m what you think )

        If I'm louder if I'm louder, would you hear me?                                                                  

        If I'm louder, if I'm screaming, I'm screaming, I'm screaming your name

        I guess you're busy, you're busy, you're for your angel

        But one day, yeah one day everything will turn around

         And I won't be here, but if you were a bit louder

         A bit louder, I won't hear you, a bit louder

         If you're screaming, you're screaming, you're screaming my name

         I won't hear you, cause now I'm stronger, I'm stronger

         And you're weaker, you're weaker. And now I'm louder

         I'm louder, I'm louder but my angel is the devil now.

         It's my time to fight, and your time to back down

         I'm gonna rule the world.


     ( it is really shorty I know I'm sooooo sorry, but please please tell me that you think, and I actually have a melody for it but I have no idea how you guys could hear it)


      And as she was done she says " thank you very much " with the biggest smile on her face, and everyone in the crowd was clapping, I never thought she could be better but apparently she did, I can't believe I she is in the same room as I am. I was smiling like an idiot when she was done, she got off stage and got back to her friend, when she lifts her head up her beautiful eyes meet mine, and I swear I could see electricity, she just kept her eyes glued to mine as she was making her way to me, and I was making my way to her.

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