When Maggie continuously see's the strange boy occurring in the old hotel's window...she decides to investigate. Who knew that this would lead her to uncovering a whole new world, let alone a whole new identity...


1. Prologue


‘Come on Mom! Let’s go over here! You too Al, I can’t leave you here!’ Mags shouted and Alex grinned in delight. He looked back at his two other best friends.

‘What about Jess and Will?’ He shouted back and she grinned before shrugging her bony shoulders and taking off. She was wearing a pretty yellow dress that hugged her small frame perfectly. For a 6 year old, she was very pretty with her long golden waves and bright eyes. Though nobody knew what her real colour was as she constantly wore brown eye contacts.

Alex motioned to Jess and Will as he ran after Mags. Jess and Will ran beside him as they followed Mags before she and her mother came to an abrupt stop. Alex crashed into Laken, Jess’s mother, and Jess crashed into him. She stumbled back and glared at him, but Alex didn’t notice. He was too busy staring at whatever Laken and Mags were staring at.

In the centre of the huge field that they were currently running around, was a humongous dome. It was made completely of a hard silver material, with no windows, and one door that could only be opened from the outside. Curious, they ventured forward and Laken reached her hand out towards it, of course reaching her other hand backwards to protect the children from any dangers.

As she continued to step forward hesitantly, the dome started to shine brighter with each step she took. Laken started to retreat, running faster and faster as it started to hum when an ear-splitting noise reached to the far corners of the field, before the dome exploded in a blast of white light.

When Alex next woke up, Jess and Will were on the opposite side of the field and running towards him. He wiped is hand across his face groggily and sat up slowly, right as he noticed that Mags was hugging her mother whilst crying, but Laken wasn’t returning the hug. She was limp and not responding to her daughter’s movements, her eyes staring straight forward. She had been the closest to the dome when it had exploded.

She was dead.




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