When Maggie continuously see's the strange boy occurring in the old hotel's window...she decides to investigate. Who knew that this would lead her to uncovering a whole new world, let alone a whole new identity...


4. Chapter 3


“So, who is she?” Alex inquired while sitting at the table. His hands were around a warm cup of coffee.

“Uh, well her name’s Magg- wait. Shouldn’t we be asking you that?” Will started off, but broke when he realized that there must be some history between the two. Well, that Alex could remember, the girl seemed completely clueless.

“That doesn’t matter. What do you know about her?” He inquired yet again, with attitude this time, and Jess had to resist the urge to slap him. Who does he think he is?

“No Alex. Start talking, who is she? Neither Will or I shall say anything until you spill the beans about ‘Maggie’.” She stated, intentionally being harder on the girl’s name. She shot Will a look and he nodded to show her he understood; not a word.

“Well, there’s not much…my memories not that good either. But I’m surprised you don’t remember…” He trailed off and Jess just stared at him while Will opened and closed his mouth, trying to get words out, but failing.

“H-how do you, or well, we know her!?” Jess exclaimed, not quite believing Alex. Sure, he was like her brother, but there were times when she just…urgh.  Can just be unbelievable, though Will had his times.

“It started ages ago, and it’s kind of hard to explain. In the way it actually hurts, and in the way it actually is hard to explain. But I promise, it will make sense onc-“

“Alex. What’s going on?” A voice called from the doorway and the three jumped up, spinning around in a blur before relaxing. It was just Alex’s little sister.

“Annie, what are you doing here? Didn’t Lizzie ask you not to interrupt us?” Alex said, visually softening and his voice took on the tone he only had for his sister.

“Well, I didn’t. And I also want to know why you’re tying Mags up. She’s nice, let her go.” She said confidently and defiantly, as our mouths all dropped.

“Y-you’ve been down there!? And you remember her!? Annie bear, did she-” “No, I remember everything perfectly fine, unlike Jessie and Will. I want you to untie her now.” She demanded and Will chuckled at her tone; everybody had a soft spot for Annabeth Dae, even Jess.

“Okay Annie, as long as you explain everything to us.” Will said resigned, just wanting to know what the hell everyone’s on about. Well, except for his sister, she seemed just as clueless.

“Fine, I will, but only if you make me hot chocolate.” Annie grinned and Jess couldn’t help but smile; no matter how grown up Annie could act, she’ll still be the little 10 year old.



Alex, Annie, Jess and Will trudged down the basement steps only to come face to face with an empty chair, the straps torn to bits and lying on the ground. The wooden chair had scratch marks engraved everywhere and an arm had been ripped off, thrown somewhere on the floor. The barbed wire fence had a huge gaping hole in it that was not cleanly cut; it was as if Maggie had just run straight into it and through. But how did she get away? Nobody would’ve helped her, not here anyway. And her only other family had no idea where we lived, so there was no way they had been here. Besides, we would’ve heard them, and she had no way to contact them.

So it was for certain, that she did this, she broke the straps, scratched the chair and tore off the arm. She had run through the fence and out the door, but we didn’t hear her go past. So how did she do this?

Alex turned to Annie and she raised her arms in surrender, showing she didn’t touch her, though with the look of shock on her face, Alex didn’t accuse her anymore. He turned to Jess and Will who had the same amount of shock and horror that they all had.

So it wasn’t any of them. There wasn’t anybody else who knew her!? Lizzie knew well enough not to touch anything of theirs, she was just there to look after Annie and she only had the job because her brother was one of them.

But, wait, Lizzie was around when Mags was occasionally over…

So, did Lizzie…

“Hey, was it Lizzie do you think?” Annie voiced up and everybody nodded in confirmation.
They all barged upstairs and ran into Lizzie’s room, where Lizzie was. She was just cleaning and tidying up the bed that she must have just climbed out of.

“Where is she?” Jess got straight to the point.

Lizzie shrugged and pointed outside to where the busy streets of London were.


Oh bloody hell.






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