When Maggie continuously see's the strange boy occurring in the old hotel's window...she decides to investigate. Who knew that this would lead her to uncovering a whole new world, let alone a whole new identity...


2. Chapter 1


She woke up again, drenched in sweat, the exact same way she’d been waking up for the past 3 weeks. Ever since Maggie had gone to that bloody club that Ben had dragged her to, she’d been waking up every night with this stupid dream. It was the exact same every night and there wasn’t a way to get rid of it, it truly terrified her.

People she’d never seen before, they embraced her as if they were family, but not like that. It was different, and she couldn’t do a damn thing about it, their faces were shaded, pixelated so she couldn’t distinguish their features. It was the same woman every time, who she’d be consoling as tears leaked out of her eyes. But she didn’t know this woman, so why was she so familiar?

And the worst thing is, she couldn’t tell anyone, as she certainly wasn’t telling her brothers or Ben, so that left out all options. She sat up and rubbed her temples, wrenching her t-shirt away from her back and trying to get rid of the sweat. In the next door she could hear her brother Chris talking on the phone, along with Luke and Nick having a go at each other. It was nothing unusual in the Bay family, especially for her twin brothers. She was stuck with them until she was 18, and they were stuck with her. It wasn’t like it was a bad thing, it’s just they were overprotective and she needed to get away occasionally, something they didn’t let her do.
They lived in the exact same house that they’d lived in all their lives, even from before the incident happened. Or so she’d been told.

Maggie got out of bed and went and stood out the window, staring out of it and looking over at the gigantic hotel just across the road. It was blocked off from the public, but that didn’t stop her from playing around inside. She knew she wasn’t supposed to go in, but it didn’t stop her, and besides. Nobody saw what she did.

Nobody saw the flicker of movement inside. Nobody saw the actual building was sort of like a hotel, only covered up to make you believe something else. Nobody saw the weapons located at the door. And nobody saw the boy who often stood looking right back at her.

Maggie shook her head and stepped away, before shucking off her sweaty pyjamas and pulling on jeans and a hoodie. She grabbed her phone and walked out her bedroom door, knocking on her brothers’ door. The room quietened and Nick walked over and answered the door. He motioned her in and so she stepped inside.

The room smelled exactly like Chris, like fire and sweat. Weird, but that’s what it was, though she doesn’t know why. Her brothers’ rooms all smelt different, kind of like an element, while Maggie’s room smelt like rain and air. Everybody looked at her strangely, though she didn’t understand the look, what’s so wrong about being in here, she is their sister after all.

“Yeah Mags?” Chris asked, trying not to be too loud as he was still on the phone.

“I just wanted to go out for a bit. That alright?” She asked, shoving her hands far into her jean pockets.

They looked at each other and gave each other wary looks, wavering at her question.

“I suppose so…don’t cause trouble, okay Mags? It is quite late…” Luke said, genuinely looking out for her. She had a look of surprise on her face at the fact they were actually letting her leave the house- they only let her leave if she had Ben with her. They may act like complete idiots most of the time, but they were her big brothers and were very protective. The boys all had similar features, causing them to have striking looks, while Maggie didn’t seem to have any resemblance, to any of them. Even Chris managed to look a little like the twins and they were identical.

Brought back to the present, Maggie nodded quickly and shuffled out the door before heading down the hallway and outside. Better to not stay around and give her brothers a reason as to why she shouldn’t go.




Maggie prowled the silent, deserted corridors of the ‘hotel’. She hadn’t seen the boy that watched her yet, though she hadn’t exactly been in every room.  That would take forever and was pretty much impossible, because there were at least three levels to this ‘hotel’. She kept walking and eventually stumbled upon a fully functioning kitchen.

A kitchen with a dish, steaming, on the stove.

She walked in and cautiously approached the stove, looking around wearily for anybody, but saw nobody. She noticed a ladle in the pot and couldn’t help but want to taste this concoction, though it smelt simply horrid. It was something about this soup that just drew her closer and closer, eventually leading to trying the soup out.

She carefully scooped some soup up and gently took a sip, settling the ladle down. She stared at the pot, wondering what she was so worried about, right when she started violently choking on the soup that had caused a blockage in her slim throat. As Maggie collapsed and started to writhe on the floor, she managed to hear running steps that were thundering down the hallways just outside.

She felt eyes on her as she continued to writhe on the ground, it had something in it that wasn’t human, she didn’t know how she knew this, but she knew for certain, that she was correct.


Eventually she started to calm down and everything looked different, if anything, better than it had. That’s when she noticed a girl and boy her age standing over her alongside an old woman that simply gazed at her before flicking her hand at the girl and she stepped forward. She looked more carefully and noticed they were both armed; the boy and the girl. The boy had a bow strapped to his back while the girl had daggers all over her; in her combat boots, in a belt around her slim waist, and also thrust in her tight jean pockets.

Maggie whimpered, finally getting rid of the awful soup, as the girl grabbed a length of rope from the woman and glared at her, before tying her hands together and dragging her out of the room and down the stairs. They led her down to a basement type room that held a chair with straps in the middle. She noticed a sharp, tall, barbed wire fence around the chair and wondered why it was there. She soon found out.

The girl dragged her over while Maggie kicked and screamed. The boy came inside behind her and swiftly grabbed his bow from his back. In one movement, he had shot a sharp arrow at her leg, piercing through the soft flesh. Maggie screamed, more in shock then in pain, and looked at the black arrow that stuck out of her leg. The boy had moved so fast she had barely seen his move, the bow was there though, and so was the arrow. She then felt this awful sensation and looked down at her leg, where the arrow then started to push itself out and the ground seemed to grab at her leg, trying to drag her down. She started kicking more and the girl turned around, frustrated at Maggie and ready to beat the living crap out of her. But she too started to stare at Maggie’s leg; there was nothing there. Barely even a scratch and the arrow lay on the ground as if it had been pointed there and the Maggie hadn’t been touched. The girl sent a worried look to the boy in the room and he replied with a similar one.

Maggie inspected her leg in the chair; all that was left was a small white scar that showed that there indeed had been an arrow shot at her in the first place. She sat back up only to find the girl and boys’ eyes on her leg, watching it as if it had grown wings. And honestly, right now, she wouldn’t be surprised if it did. With all the commotion going on, she really wouldn’t be surprised if it grew wings and flew her out the door right then.

The girl then spoke up, almost startling Maggie out of the chair.

“So, who are you?” She asked with a look on her face, almost as if she was disgusted to talk to her, as if it was a sin.

“Maggie. And you?” Maggie answered confidently, she was not a wuss.

“Jessica and this is my brother.” She smirked at me and gestured to her brother who glared at Maggie.

“What’s up with you?” He asked rudely and Maggie just glared at him.

“Sorry, what he meant is, what the heck was that?” A voice said from the door and she shot her gaze there.


Her breath caught in her throat and she struggled to catch her breath. It’s him, the boy who she constantly stared at, who stared at her.













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