Untitled (A WWE/1D Fanfic)

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5. Personal Bank Account

Chad: Welcome Miss Hampton. *opens the door for kim* 

Kim: Hey Chad. *smiles* Is mother in her office? 

Chad: Yeah, go on in. 

Kim: *walks in the office*  

Rose: Darling? How's my dashing girl. 

Kim: *smiles* Hey mom. Listen, I want to find my own place, and I was wondering if you can help me a little. 

Rose: Oh move on your own? And what kind of place are you looking for? 

Kim: Just a big place so celebrate my graduation afterwards. 

Rose: What happened to living with the twins? 

Kim: Eh, I don't want to anymore. 

Rose: How much are you asking for? 

Kim: Like a million? 

Rose: No. 

Kim: Mom! Please, I am in desperate to move out of that house! I want out and I want out now! 

Rose: I can't give you a million, only a half. 

Kim: Fine, then I'll ask daddy for the other half. 

Rose: You would think your father will let you? 

Kim: I don't know. 

Rose: Call him. 

Kim: Why? 

Rose: You know his is even busier; you can't just walk in like how you did here. 

Kim: I'm his daughter, I'm sure they'll let me in. 

Rose: Call him or you won't get the half. 

Kim: Fine! *calls carter* 

Carter: Hello sunshine, what makes you call today? 

Kim: Hi daddy, mother wouldn't lend me a million to buy me my own place, but she did said a half and I was wondering if you can lend me the other half. 

Carter: How much do you want? 

Kim: Well the other half of a million. 

Carter: I'll set up a bank account for you and you can cash it out. I'll have your info sent to you via email later ok princess. 

Kim: Ok daddy, you're the best, thanks! 

Carter: Alright, I have to get back to work now, I'll chit chat with you later. 

Kim: Ok, bye! *hangs up* 

Rose: What happened? 

Kim: He's gonna open a bank account for me, so I can just deposit from there. 

Rose: Own? Honey, you're not even... 

Kim: Mom, you said when I graduate from college. I am in three months. 

Rose: Ok, fine. But don't use it all too fast. 

Kim: Mom, it's just $500,000 from him to help me buy the house I want. 

Rose: Ok, it better be. 

Kim: It will. Ok, I have to go, love you. *walks off* 

Rose: Take care of that money! 

Kim: Yeah! *leaves* 

Brie: He what? That is awesome, now you can finally use some money to party girl. 

Kim: Exactly, but I'm gonna start looking for a house, so I'll be down later. 

Brie: Want me to help? 

Kim: No, I got it. 

Brie: Ok. 

Kim: *goes to her room and reads her email* Whoa... $300,000,000 in my... what! *laughs* Oh my god! *grabs her phone and calls carter* 

Carter: Hello. 

Kim: *screams* Oh my god dad, you are the best in the world! I can't thank you anymore! Wow, thank you daddy, you're the best you know that. 

Carter: Anything for my angel. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Aw, dad, thank you.  

Carter: Don't let your mother see or she'll kill both of us. 

Kim: Psh, she ain't seeing anything yet. *laughs* 

Carter: Alright, take care of that account you hear me. 

Kim: I will dad, thank you. 

Carter: No problem angel. 

Kim: Ok, bye. 

Carter: Bye. 

Kim: *lays down and screams in excitement* 

Brie: Kim? Is everything ok. 

Kim: Oh my god, Brie, I never had so much money in my life! 

Brie: What do you mean? 

Kim: My dad sent me $300 million in my account. How awesome is that right? 

Brie: That's a lot, you better be careful when deposing or anything. 

Kim: Yes Brie, don't treat me like Nikki now. 

Brie: I'm not, but have you found a place yet? *looks on the screen* 

Kim: No, I'm still looking, but I really, really like this one. 

Brie: Kimberly! 

Kim: *laughs* What? 

Brie: That's 11 million. 

Kim: It's gonna be a party house, I have to look for a house for me to stay. 

Brie: You want two houses? 

Kim: Yeah, the party house and my resident. 

Brie: That's gonna be a lot Kim. 

Kim: I was thinking about a camp house and a beach house too. 

Brie: Would you buy it if you didn't receive $300 million? 

Kim: Either way, I was gonna ask money to buy them. 

Brie: Maybe you should find a job instead of asking for money. 

Kim: Brie, I have $300 million in my account! 

Brie: Don't you want more? 

Kim: *thinks for a bit* Yeah, but my father will lend me more if I'm out. 

Brie: Ok, well when you find another house, let me know. 

Kim: Yeah. 

Brie: *leaves* 

Kim: *cont. looking for houses*

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