Untitled (A WWE/1D Fanfic)

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2. Looking So Good From Head To Your Feet

Kim: Does this even look right? 

Maryse: *chuckles* You look flawless Kim, c'mon. 

Nikki: Babe, hold my hand. 

John: *grabs onto nikki's hand* 

Brie: Hey that guys checking you out. 

Kim: Who? 

Brie: I don't know they one with the really tight black skinny jeans on. 

Kim: *laughs* 

Niall: Who are you looking at? 

Brie: Oh he has a boyfriend already tho. 

Kim: Yeah, nevermind him. 

Brie: I should of stayed with Daniel, he's probably home all bored. 

Kim: Aw, you should of dragged him. 

Brie: I know, c'mon, let's go get a few drinks. 

Niall: Op! She left, reject. 

Harry: *laughs* 

Niall: *laughs* 

Brie: *talking with kim* 

Harry: *walks up to kim and brie* 

Brie: *smiles* Hi. 

Harry: *smiles* Can I have a few words with your friend? 

Brie: Of course. Play it safe. *smiles and walks off with her cup* 

Kim: *gasp* Brie! *crosses her arms/smiles* Hi, I'm Kim. 

Harry: I'm Harry Styles. 

Kim: Kim Hampton. 

Harry: Nice to meet you. 

Kim: *smiles* You too.  

Harry: Before we go on, you won't have a boyfriend right? 

Kim: Do you have a girlfriend? 

Harry: *chuckles* No. 

Kim: I don't have a boyfriend. 

Harry: Alright, can I get a dance. 

Kim: *laughs* Can you get a dance? Like what kind of dance. 

Harry: Just a floor dance. 

Kim: Yeah. 

Harry: *dances with kim* 

Nikki: Where's Kim? 

Brie: She's grinding with a guy. 

Nikki: *smiles* What? 

Brie: Yeah, they're on the dance floor, I've been eyeing them. *smiles* 

Nikki: Where? 

Brie: Over there. 

Nikki: C'mon, let's go dance too. 

Brie: Nicole! *stops herself* 

Nikki: *almost slips* Brianna! *laughs* 

Brie: Leave them alone. 

Harry: *slow dances with kim* 

Kim: *sees brie and nikki and smiiles* 

Nikki: *laughs* 

Brie: They are a match. 

Nikki: They are, they better get together after tonight. 

Brie: Nicole. 

Nikki: What? 

Louis: Harry, we have to go now. 

Harry: Already? I was just enjoying my night. 

Louis: C'mon. 

Kim: Hi. 

Louis: *looks at kim and smiles* Hi, Louis Tomlinson. 

Nikki: Wait, look are they gonna start a fight? 

Brie: I hope not. 

Kim: Kim Hampton. *smiles* Where are you guys going? 

Louis: One of our friend is wasted, we have to take him. 

Harry: Can we exchange numbers? 

Kim: Oh yeah, um my number is 315-2348. 

Harry: Thank you, I'll give you a call or a text soon. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. 

Louis: *smiles* Bye! 

Kim: *chuckles* Bye. 

Harry: *leaves with Louis* I was just starting to have some fun with her. 

Louis: Yeah, she's hot, I see that. 

Nikki: Nevermind. 

Eve: What are you two doing? 

Nikki: Brie's creeping up on Kim 

Brie: No I'm not? You are, you brought her. 

Nikki: Ok, we're stalking her. 

Eve: Ok, well come dance with us. 

Brie: Go, I'll stay with Kim. 

Nikki: No, Eve, go ahead, I'll be right there. 

Eve: Ok. *leaves* 

Kim: *walks to brie and nikki* 

Nikki: *smiling* So, how was it? 

Kim: He was cute, like really cute. 

Brie: So he's not gay? 

Kim: Don't think so. 

Nikki: Wait, he's gay? 

Kim: I don't know. *chuckles* 

Brie: You didn't ask him? 

Kim: Why would I? That's rude. *laughs* 

Nikki: C'mon let's go hang out with the others. 

Kim: Ok. *leaves with nikki and brie*

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