Untitled (A WWE/1D Fanfic)

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6. Don't Talk Me Out Of It

(Later That Night) 

Kim: *packing her things* 

John: You're already packing? 

Kim: John? Yeah, I'm moving out tomorrow morning. 

John: Why not wait til' tomorrow? 

Kim: I can't John, I appreciate you letting me stay here with you and Nikki, Brie, and Daniel, but I don't belong here. I've found my own places and I'm in love with them already. 

John: Wait, places? 

Kim: Yeah, I bought a party house, a camp house, beach house, and a residential house. 

John: Oh? How are you gonna pay with all those bills? 

Kim: My dad sent me $300 million, total was about 33 million. 

John: Just because you have a lot of money now, doesn't mean you waste it all in one day ok. Money goes down fast, so use it wisely. 

Kim: Yes, but don't worry, if I'm out, I'll have my dad refill it. 

John: You can't rely on your parents all the time. 

Kim: John, I know, I'm trying to graduate from college and be a good lawyer like I always wanted. 

John: Is that what you want? 

Kim: What? 

John: To be a lawyer? Or be a party animal. 

Kim: If other's can do it, I'm sure I can... 

John: *kisses kim* 

Kim: *moves back/shocked* 

John: I'm sorry Kim, I... I've always wanted to do that to you, and I'm very sorry I did it without you knowing. 

Kim: *smiles and kisses john* 

Brie: Hey Kim. Kim. 

Kim: *stops kissing john* 

Brie: What are you two doing? 

Kim: I asked John to help me pack, but yes? 

Brie: I was gonna ask if you can help me cook tonight, you already found your place? 

Kim: Yeah, you want to see it? 

Brie: Yeah. 

Kim: *shows brie the houses* 

Brie: Wow, they are nice, how much? 

Kim: 33. 

Brie: Million? 

Kim: Yeah. *looks at john*  

John: I'm gonna go check up on Nikki. 

Kim: Ok. 

Brie: Well, those are pretty big houses, are you sure you want them? 

Kim: It's been finalized, I move in tomorrow. 

Brie: Already? 

Kim: Yeah, that's why I'm packing, but um, can you also help me pack? 

Brie: Yeah, I can help you pack. 

Nikki: What are you guys doing? 

Brie: I'm helping Kim pack for tomorrow. *smiles* She's moving, how exciting is it Nikki. 

Nikki: Kim, you know how much it's gonna cost and worst paying for right? 

Kim: Nikki, please do not talk me down on what I already purchased. 

Nikki: I'm not, I'm just trying to tell you, that it's not easy, especially when you don't even have mon... 

Kim: I have $300 million in my account, thank you. 

Nikki: How? I mean, still it's not yours, how are you gonna get money when it's all gone. 

Kim: Don't! I'm done with you for today Nikki. We are done. It's been finalized, I'm leaving tomorrow morning. 

Nikki: Ok, so you have the keys and everything already? 

Kim: Zip! It! 

Nikki: Fine, I was gonna help, but forget it bitches. *leaves* 

Brie: What? What did I do? 

Nikki: *walking down the stiars* Ask yourself that! 

Brie: What the hell, but anyways, let's pack. 

(The Next Day) 

John: You need help carrying that? 

Kim: *smiles* Mm, yeah, do you mind carrying it? 

John: *chuckles* Of course not, if I did, I wouldn't have asked. *carries the box* Where to? 

Nikki: *looks at kim and john* 

Kim: The U-Haul. *smiles* 

John: *smiles* I was just messing around with you. 

Kim: Well, it's not good to mess around with a heart John. *smiles happy* 

John: My apology. *leaves* 

Nikki: What was that? 

Kim: What was what? *smiles* 

Nikki: Trying to flirt with my man. 

Kim: I was not Nikki, I don't want John. Why would I want him when I can have Harry Styles. *smiles* Harry Styles. *looks away and then back to nikki and smiles*  

Nikki: I'm glad you are leaving. 

Kim: Oh trust me, it wasn't like I was planning on staying with you forever.  

Brie: *walks down the stairs* You guys are up early. *ties her hair in a bun* 

John: *walks back in the house* 

Kim: I was just gonna leave Brie. 

Brie: Already? It's not even time for breakfast yet. Let me cook us some eggs and sausage and then you can go. 

Kim: Yeah, that's fine, I have people coming to bring my stuff there, so ok. *smiles* 

Nikki: *rolls her eyes and drags john to the room* 

John: What? 

Nikki: What the hell was that all about? 

John: What was what? 

Nikki: Helping her bring the box out to the car? 

John: I was lending a hand. 

Nikki: You were flirting with her, I saw John, I was there. 

John: I was not; I was only talking to her as a friend. You know that Nikki. 

Nikki: It didn't look like it John. 

John: *kisses nikki* I love you, and only you ok. I would never break your heart. *leaves the room* 

Kim: Alright, thank you for breakfast Brie; I have to go now, so see you around. *smiles* 

Brie: You act like you're going so far Kim. 

Kim: It kinda is if you think about it. *chuckles* 

Brie: Alright. *hugs kim* I'll come by later or tomorrow. 

Kim: Ok, take care. 

Brie: You too. 

Kim: Bye. 

Brie: *smiles* Bye. 

Kim: *leaves*

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