Untitled (A WWE/1D Fanfic)

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1. A Couple Nights out

Nikki: Hey Kim, so guess what, John and I are going out tonight and we were wondering if you wanted to come along. 

Kim: Go out to where? 

Nikki: Like the club you know, I'm sure you would love to come. 

Kim: I don't know Nikki; I have a lot on my mind.  

Brie: *enters the scene* Hey girls, what's going on? 

Nikki: Brie, tell Kim, she has to go out with me and John tonight. 

Brie: Why can't Daniel and I go with you two? Kim doesn't even have a partner, do you? 

Kim: No, exactly, Brie can go with you Nikki. 

Nikki: I was really hoping to take you out to meet some guys. 

Brie: Some? *looks at kim and smiles* 

Kim: Nikki, thanks, but no thanks, not tonight, I have to study. 

Nikki: C'mon Kim, it'll be fine! 

Kim: Nikki. 

Nikki: *dances* I know you want to party girl. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok, fine, I'll go, but if only Brie goes. 

Brie: Why am I in the middle of this? 

Kim: Well, didn't you say you wanted to go? You and Daniel? 

Brie: Yeah, but I was only kidding, we don't have to go, Nikki kinda wants you to herself. 

Kim: *looks at nikki* You really want me to go? 

Nikki: Yeah, I'll be fun, trust me. 

John: Hey, um, the limo's gonna get here in an hour, so get ready. 

Nikki: John, Kim wants to go. 

Kim: What? 

John: Uh, oh? Then get ready, limo's arriving in an hour. 

Nikki: C'mon Kim, let's fix you up. 

Brie: No, I want to fix her up, you have to get ready, Kim doesn't really have to go. 

Nikki: No, she's gonna with me. *leaves to get ready* 

Brie: Do you really want to go? It's a school night. 

Kim: *chuckles* Brie, I'm a party girl; I can pull off any sides. 

Brie: *laughs* You are right, you are a party animal. 

Kim: *laughs*  

Brie: *fixes kim up* 

Maryse: Babe, are you almost ready? John says the limos coming in an hour. 

Mike: Yeah, I'm waiting on you. 

Maryse: Ok, well I'm almost done, I just have to do my hair now. 

Mike: Ok, take your time babe, we have an hour. 

Maryse: Ok. 

Kim: Brie, it's ok, I got it, you go and get ready. 

Brie: Daniel's not going, so I'm not gonna go. 

Kim: He's not? *gets up* I'll be back. Daniel! 

Brie: Kim! *laughs* 

Daniel: *walks up the stairs* Yeah? 

Kim: Why aren't you going? 

Daniel: I'm not a party guy. 

Kim: Neither am I, Brie wants to go, just go and hang out with her. 

Daniel: You want to go? 

Brie: *laughs* What? Kim! 

Kim: Yes, she does Daniel, c'mon. 

Daniel: If you want you can go and partner up with Kim, I'll be fine home by myself. 

Brie: No, I want you to go too. 

Daniel: I don't want to. 

Brie: Fine, then can I go with Kim? 

Daniel: Yeah, I just said that. 

Brie: Aw, you're the best babe. *kisses Daniel* Ok, I'm gonna get ready, then I'll come back and... 

Kim: Brie! I got it! *laughs and runs off to get ready* 

Brie: *goes and gets ready* 

Randy: Wow, you look real hot babe. 

Kelly: *smiles* Thanks. *curls her hair* Is that what you're gonna wear to go? 

Randy: Yeah. 

Kelly: Ok. *smiles* 

Eve: Babe, can you check what time it is. 

Rener: You still have time babe, take your time. 

Eve: Are you sure? I don't want to be late because we have to be at John's before the limo gets here. 

Rener: You're fine. 

Eve: Ok. 

(30 Minutes Later) 

Limo: *arrives* 

Daniel: Guys! Limo's here! 

Brie: Coming! 

John: Babe, let's go. 

Nikki: Ok, hold on, I'm almost done. 

John: I'll be down there. 

Nikki: Ok. 

Eve: Maryse, let me use your perfume. 

Maryse: *sprays eve* 

Eve: Thank you. 

Brie: Babe, can you tie my strap. 

Daniel: *fixes brie's strap* 

Kelly: Kim, can I use your lip gloss. 

Kim: Yeah. 

Kelly: Thanks love. 

Nikki: Alright, let's go. 

(All enters the limo)

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