Slave Blood

Miya Plair's younger sister Lily gets herself into trouble with the vampires controlling their town. Only by offering herself as a blood slave Miya could buy her sister free. But how long can a human keep living with coldblooded monsters?
Forget about sweet and loving vampires - in this story they are nothing but evil monsters!


2. Chapter Two


“She’ll be the death of you,” Alice joked while we took our seats in class.
“Tell me about it!” I sighed. Why could Lily not just find a normal guy instead of a deadly monster like Jovan? He did not even like her. All he saw was a bag of blood and meet!

You might think I overreact. That he is just a not very polite guy with weird contact lenses or something. Trust me: He is not! This might sound crazy. Like really crazy! Jovan is a monster. A 2000-year-old monster. Shall I give you one more clue? His favourite food is blood.
Oh yes, we are dealing with a vampire here. A real undead, breathing vampire.

Actually this town has been dealing with four of them since forever. They call themselves the founders and they have complet control of the town; nothing comes in and nothing goes out without them knowing.
All children are taught about them. We even have a subject for just that. It is called ‘History of the Founders’ – not really anyone’s favourite subject.

Vampires are not like those in all the popular novels. They are cruel and evil creatures only waiting for a chance to suck every single drop of blood out of you! Thinking of them as humane could be your life’s biggest and last mistake.
Which was the very reason I was so worried about Lily. It was like she did not get the fact that vampires are monsters. That they only think about which way they should kill her!
“Miss Plair, are you with us?” old Mr. Oak was standing in front of me with the math book in his hands. I had managed to disappear into my own little world … as always.
“Yes, Mr. Oak. I am,” I replied filling my checks turn red. He nodded and continued talking about equations.
“Passing out again?” Alice whispered smirking. My shrugging was all the answer I dared to give – afraid of getting myself into any more trouble.




Lunch break I spend with Alice and a couple of classmates. The cafeteria was filled to the limit but I could not help myself but to look for both Lily and Jovan. First when I saw Lily eating with her friends – and no sign of Jovan – I could finally relax and enjoy my own meal.

Okay, maybe I do have a sister complex… I am a single-guardian after all. Ever since our mother died I have done my best to take care of Lily. We still have our father – technically. He made himself a local celebrity by being the first to ever escape town – right in front of the monsters! He sure knows how to make a daughter proud.
My goodness, if he could see Lily now, he would let the monsters suck him dry!

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