Slave Blood

Miya Plair's younger sister Lily gets herself into trouble with the vampires controlling their town. Only by offering herself as a blood slave Miya could buy her sister free. But how long can a human keep living with coldblooded monsters?
Forget about sweet and loving vampires - in this story they are nothing but evil monsters!


6. Chapter Six


I heard the door get locked behind me. Trapped inside a room as dark as the rest of the house I started to cry my lungs out. Collapsing on the bed and just kept crying for something that felt like hours! I even ended up crying myself to sleep.

I dreamed about how the butler had carried me to the room without the slightest problem even though I had done my very best to escape. It was a horrible dream. A nightmare of the worst kind! I was terrible with being kept trapped. Claustrophobia, the doctor had diagnosed me. I got sick just by being hugged for too long!

I woke up some time later. When, I do not know. With no clock in the room and without the daylight I could not even tell if it was day or night. I noticed a tray on the table next to the bed. It looked like steak with potatoes but it only made me loose my appetite. Instead, I started to look around the room for a way out. The windows were not just curtained. The glass had been painted black itself. No light could get through. I tried to open a window but it was stuck. Bolted I noticed.

I looked in the wardrobe, under the disk and behind the bookshelf. I did not know what I expected to find: A hidden door maybe? Nothing. I even tried the door thought I already knew it was locked.

Feeling out of options I laid down again. Closing my eyes and wishing for this nightmare to just end right away. Because it was a nightmare. It had to be! It just had to be!

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