Slave Blood

Miya Plair's younger sister Lily gets herself into trouble with the vampires controlling their town. Only by offering herself as a blood slave Miya could buy her sister free. But how long can a human keep living with coldblooded monsters?
Forget about sweet and loving vampires - in this story they are nothing but evil monsters!


7. Chapter Seven


I heard the door getting unlocked but no one walked in. At least I could not hear the floor yielding from any footsteps.
“Asleep?” the sudden sound right next to my ear surprised me and I hurried getting away. I had not noticed the room’s only the candle had been turned off.
“Eliezer?” I asked out in the dark, eyes wide open – like a prey.
“Yes?” he replied closer to me than I thought. Cold sweat ran down my neck.
“Wha- what are you doing here?” my voice was weak. I wanted him to think I had no courage back. Maybe he would underrestemade my. Make a mistake. I needed to get out of here. Fast!
“I got hungry,” now he was even closer than before.
“I didn’t hear you coming in,” I said trying to win myself some time. My feet hid the floor silently. I would only take me seconds to reach the door!
“I’m a predator,” he grunted, “I would be a hungry man if I couldn’t sneak up on humans.”
This information gave me the chills. He killed people while they were sleeping? Would he have done the same to me?
“I’m hungry, Miya,” the words came from right beside my ear. I froze. He was standing right in front of me. Blocking me from reaching the door, “We can play hide and seek later.”
He knew. He knew I was in the middle of an escape. But how! I felt his cold, dead hands around my arms. No! With wild force I removed them and rushed to the other end of the room.
“Got you!” he said and grabbed my right arm again. I screamed and punched at him with the free one. But my hand only touched the air. He was gone. Now was my chance! I ran towards the door. In a moment I would be in the hallway and then– I felt the dead hands around my waist, I felt them dragging me back towards the bed, I felt my chance of freedom slipping through my fingers.
“No more games,” Eliezer said with a calm voice. I fought the best I could but he held me down as if it was nothing.
“Stop it! Stop! Please let me go!” I screamed still not willing to give up. I only stopped when he grabbed me by the throat. I had to, otherwise he would have strangled me. Tears started running from down my checks and they only got worse when I felt his breath on my neck.
“Please don’t!” I cried out. I did not want to die this way. No now. Not like this!
“Shh. Don’t be scared. It won’t hurt. At least not on me,” shortly he grinned. Then the pain came when he forced his fangs into my skin. Ripped it open he did! Began to end his thirst in my blood. The pain was indescribable. I did not have the force to fight against him anymore. The result was him being even more aggressive sucking my blood. I screamed and cried but it did not stop him. I wish I had pasted out. I could barely stand the pain!

Done drinking he swiped my inside the blanket before he left me alone in the room. Locking the door behind him. Alone in the dark I tried not to cry. Only because it made the wound on my neck hurt. It felt like he had ripped a part of me into pieces! Broken me. I tried calming myself down by cursing every single, coldblooded monster in this mansion. It worked … but only a little.

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