Slave Blood

Miya Plair's younger sister Lily gets herself into trouble with the vampires controlling their town. Only by offering herself as a blood slave Miya could buy her sister free. But how long can a human keep living with coldblooded monsters?
Forget about sweet and loving vampires - in this story they are nothing but evil monsters!


1. Chapter One


Coldlyn High School was the place I spend 7 hours of my life 5 days a week. There was only one building and it looked like an old-fashioned mansion from way back in time. Why? Because it was an old mansion.
Dracwyn was a small town with not many citizens and even fewer high school students. Actually the high school was quite new. When I first moved here with my parents – almost 15 years ago – there was only a primary school.
Coldlyn was far from being the best school. The teachers were boring and kept teaching us the same stuff over and over again. Mostly it was the history of the town, dealing with the founders and not getting ourselves into trouble. Those sort of things.
Even thought classes were boring, my fellow students were nice. Most of them I had known since we could barely crawl. My best friend was Alice – we had been in the same class for 3 years but known each other far longer and we were always together. Inseparable.

“Did you finish homework last night?” Alice asked me on our way to the first lecture of the day: Math.

“You didn’t?”, the homework at Coldlyn was always easy and did not take many braincells to figure out. But as always Alice had properly been busy doing other things.
“Ted came over and…” I quickly raised me hand stopping her. It was not in my interest to hear every little detail about what those two love birds did yesterday instead of doing their homework.
“Sorry!” she gave me the ‘it-was-not-on-purpose-I-swear’ smile. Right, of course it was!
“Well, I guess you can look at mine– Lily!” down the hall I saw my sister standing a bit too close to a certain someone.
No, I do not have a sister complex. Nether am I overprotecting. If she had just picked a guy instead of that monster it would have been just fine with me. But of course she had to pick that monster!
I ran down the hall. As fast as I could I pulled Lily away and placed myself between them. Two angry, blood-red eyes met mine.
“Leave her alone, you monster!” I said with just as much anger as the eyes I was starring into. I was not even scared.
“Easy. I’m just trying to be a little friendly here. Can’t I?” behind the casual speaking he was angry as the hell he belonged in. It was clear in his burning eyes.
“Don’t think you can fool me with your lies. If you ever…” I started but he interrupted me.
“Yeah, yeah. Then you’ll have to speak with Eliezer. Oh, I’m so scared!”, his voice amid of irony and the smile he send me was anything but pleasing.
“Get out of my sight, monster!” I coldly fired back. Offended and with rolling eyes he finally left. When he was out of sight I turn towards Lily.
“What’s wrong with you! He’s a monster! A monster! He only sees you as food!” now it was my turn to have the anger sparkling out of my eyes.
“He’s not.. He was just greeting me ‘Good morning’. That’s all. Really,” good for her she did not finish that first sentence: ‘He’s not a monster’. She knew I would have kicked her right back home if she had.
“You better stay far, very far away from that, young lady!” I made myself very clear before I continued my walk down the hall with Alice in my heels. Teenage girls!

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